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Advice on a used Model S 90D

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Hi Rob,

That's what I was expecting when I left the house that day, and was hoping navigation would lead me via a compatible SC. Unforunately it just popped up saying I would have insufficient charge to get to my destination and recommended that I charge, it did not auto route me via a compatible SC and left me to my own devices 😅

I did ensure the setting was turned on to allow routing via SC as needed too, so my conclusion was that there were no suitable SCs in range of where I was. This was about 15 minutes from Canary Wharf and I was expecting it to send me there. Maybe i'm missing something? As you have confirmed yourself that they had type 2 SCs there.
Thank you, have downloaded that app now and I like that it can filter on not just cable type but whether the point is tethered, very useful for me at the moment.

The car is off to Tesla tomorrow to get the screen repair and general diagnostic. The CCS adapter should arrive later this week so i'll have to schedule an appointment to get that done soon as well.

I have given up worry about degradation however I noticed I had set the battery to typical view rather than rated. Upon changing it to rated the miles went up significantly , looking at 243 miles with 1hr10min left of charging on the 10A, this does not seem realistic to me at all however which setting should be used to work out degradation? It seems much better looking at this way at least ;)
Thank you!

Had a bit of a nightmare today, the dealer only had about 60% charge on it and I currently only have 10amp wall charging available for overnight.
I went out this morning a good 40-50 miles away and thought i'd be able to find a charging option on the way home but without the CCS there was no Tesla SC available. I then proceeded to drive around London looking for a type 2 only to find out I have no cable for it. Barely made it to a friends house to wall charge a few hours to get home. We both feel like it's just a bit of a bad start and lack of information on our part that led to the situation and certainly learnt a lot.

The good news is i'm working on a better home charging solution and have ordered the CCS adapter which should make things a lot smoother.

Tesla also honoured the remaining 3 weeks of warranty and the car is booked in for the screen repair and a recall on the frunk latch. Also requested a full check on the car to see if there are any further issues I can get resolved whilst the warranty remains.
Hi dan_uk, if you're concerned about being stranded in the future again, there is a backup device you can buy and keep in your car but it is expensive. It's called EcoFlow DELTA Max. It can supply about 2-5kwh of energy back into your car in case you totally run out of juice, which should be enough to get you to a nearby charging station. The cool thing is it can be also charged via the 12-volt power supply inside the Tesla. You can watch it in action on Bjørn Nyland's youtube channel. He runs EV tests until they are dead and then uses the EcoFlow to get himself charged enough to reach a DC charging station.
Thank you for the detail information, I agree that typical is much closer to reality and it was mainly to understand how to work out my degradation but @PCMc answered that for me.

I checked the Tesla webpage and confirmed by buying the adapter I get the CCS retrofit included:

View attachment 896655

I am glad I did check though as I would have been fairly upset if I had bought a £211 adapter I couldn't even use yet :eek: , I know the price used to be closer to £450 so I did think that maybe I had made a mistake!

As it stands I have no Type 2 to Type 2 Charging cable either, but I think once I get this done I won't even need that anymore.

As for home charging, I agree, as I get 2.3kW (10 A) and its not as bad as I thought, but I could see myself having difficulties in some situations where I have daily longer journeys and the charging solution just not keeping up with demand. I also have just joined a special EV Energy tariff which gives me a short window in the middle of the night to utilise cheaper charging and I don't think I could remain within that window at 2.3kW.

I currently have single phase 100A into the house, so I will be going for 7.4kW charging which I should have installed early next week, we do have 3 phase to newer homes out here but I think it would be overkill for me.
I ended up going for a "smart" charger, mainly because its future proof for solar panel additions in the future - EV Charger | #1 British Made, Solar EV Charger ⚡ myenergi

Throughly enjoying the car so far, I did have an incident where I slid across black ice last night in the MS turning into my road, for a second I thought the steering had just given up, but I managed to control my way in safely and I ended up doing the same thing in the Honda too which never happens so I can't blame the new car at all for that.

Switching back to my Type R , I realised how archaic it felt already, the steering was very heavy, I had to start braking again and it actually takes effort to build up speed. Worst of all, I could smell the petrol fumes. I will still keep that car and i'm sure I will enjoy it again once the excitement of the new car dies down 😅
Make sure your tires aren't summer rated! I made that fatal mistake with my Model S. It was shipped with summer performance tires, which turn into hockey pucks in the winter and do not stop on ice. I hit black ice and went into a tree, thankfully only going about 10MPH.
Yes it can do strange things sometimes. On a long trip with multiple SC hops I generally put the destination into the nav, look at the route it's taking me on and then select the next charger as the destination manually, then at the next charger I do the same and so on. I find it a more precise way of doing things and you start to get the exact feel for wh/mile, how far you'll go at what speed on the day etc. I've done quite a few Euro trips now and have always found it pretty easy apart from one trip where I took a wrong turn and was on 0% for several miles before making it to the SC.
Just an update, I have put a deposit down on a Feb 2019 75D with 21k miles on the clock. Confirmed it has EAP 2.5, Cold weather pack and MCU2. The only thing is it has the half leather/textile seats so I’ll see how those are in person on the weekend.

It worked out to be 5k cheaper than the 2017 90D and I’ve gotten over my range anxiety, I live in a small country and will probably visit a supercharger 1-2 a year max. If I had gotten the larger battery, it would have done very little for me and I prefer the safety of a longer warranty and could sell for an upgrade in the future easier.

It does have the yellow banding on the screen which I’ll try and push for a discount on but it’s also still in warranty for a month

Would appreciate any tips on what I should look out for when I check it on the weekend.

I’ve asked them to charge it for me, how would I work out the theoretical range and degradation?

how much did u pay for this