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Advice please: good deal on 2013 S85 @ $45K?

Thanks for the advice Dynastar and Sou7. No warranty (though I assume the powertrain to 8yr from Tesla transfers over?). I would never had considered a non-warrantied Tesla before, but after over two years with my current S70 with no issues, I have more confidence. This would be a 2nd MS for us. Have not found any S85 lower with similar mileage. And since it's late build has the pk sensors, folding mirrors, and LTE upgrades not found earlier.

I got my message to configure my M3 a month ago but figured I'd wait a while just for them to work out the kinks in production. But think I'll go this route instead and give up my place on the list.
Seems like a so-so price to me. If it was configured exactly how I want (favorite color, everything), I'd go for it. But if there was anything about it I didn't like, I'd probably pass. Of course, that could be why I'm still looking for one after 6 months. :)
The deal seams ok. In Oct. I picked up a 2014(May build) P85 with 55,000 miles, 21" grey wheels, Pano roof, Ex. leather, tech pkg including parking sensors and power rear hatch, alacantra headliner, carbon fiber spoiler, and red calipers. Came with 4yr/50,000mile limited warranty, and remaining 8yr unlimited mile battery/drive train warranty. $41,800 from Tesla. If you are patient, great deals are out there.
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It is the color and config I prefer. And the (non-Tesla) dealer is giving me a nice trade-in on my old ICE car.
I would feel better if it had some warranty, but anything comparable I find currently on Tesla CPO site is at least $10K more. And I'm sure my trade w them will come in lower. So not sure a 4 yr warranty is worth an extra $12K from my pocket.