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Aero cover popping loose?

Anyone else have an aero cover that comes loose? The driver front cover keeps popping out on just one of the five sectors, I think always opposite the stem valve. It's like someone pulled it out about 1.5 inches, but otherwise feels firmly in place.

I don't worry it'll come off while driving, but it's definitely not aerodynamic like that.

Three times I've popped it back in. The last time it was only out about half as much, but given time I think it would come out to the same 1.5 inches and then stop.
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Funny, I did a search for threads about this issue and this is the only relevant one I found… from 3-1/2 years ago!
I had this issue with one aero cover right away after picking up my M3 in August of 2021. Service center replaced the aero cover for free. A couple of months ago I took all my covers off when I adjusted tire pressures for the cold weather and now I have one or two sometimes that pop loose. Generally it is after driving on some rough roads but it’s getting awfully frustrating. Yes, I have tried removing and reinstalling to see if they just needed to be reseated. No fix there. Anyone else? It makes me want to ditch them completely but in the winter I can use all the efficiency I can get. Did a 650mi road-trip yesterday in bitter cold and was hitting 415 Wh/mi at times.