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Aero wheels on 22 M3P

Does anyone know if the aero wheels work on the 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance? I’m buying a used winter set that were on a 2020 model and wanna make sure they’ll work on mine. Tesla’s website says they’re compatible but I just wanna be sure as Tesla is selling brand new ones which may be different than older versions.


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Oct 18, 2021
For an 18x8.5" wheel with aero covers that DOES fit over the M3P PUP brakes, the "Fast EV" EV01(+) is the only one I've come across. Be sure to get the ET35 version where the size/fitment says "Performance Model 3."

I've seen a few TMC members post about using them, with pictures, so they seem legit. I think they actually look pretty good on the car too (with aero covers off), even though the design looks overdone when looking at the wheel by itself.

I and many others can tell you from experience though, that pretty much any 18x8.5" wheel will be an efficiency improvement over the M3P Uberturbines. The size and weight difference alone are of real benefit. Aero covers should be extra benefit of course at high speeds, so don't let me talk you out of them. :)

On the flip side, snow-rated tires tend to have poor efficiency (even in dry weather). So that will probably counter some of your gains from the smaller wheels. Obviously winter tires are not optional for you, I'm just mentioning to set expectations.
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I have 2023 Model 3 performance, and I have 18" Aero.

They are not compatible. But if you really want to install them, it is totally possible.

Front caliper has 1mm clearance, but the rear caliper will not fit 18" Aero. You have to trim the rear caliper and a lot of people against doing it because of safety concern. If I have to modify the front caliper I am definitely not going to do it, but it is rear caliper. You need to trim up to 2mm on the square blocks where they face to wheels on caliper. After trimming I applied G2 caliper paint and I have 1mm clearance on rear caliper. The recommended clearance there is no clear answer but just keep in mind metal expands after heat build up and if you hit/bend your rim it will also damage the caliper. 18" Aero has 45 aspect ratio sidewall tire, if I drive with 19" 40 aspect ratio or 20" 35 aspect ratio tires I would absolutely worry about the caliper clearance. I drive 100 miles daily and I am very happy with this setup.




The rear caliper looks like no space it is just my photo angle. It slide through with 1mm paper easily.
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A Morgan

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Oct 9, 2022
Just did this myself. 2022 m3p, aero wheels from a 2020 with no miles.
You'll need the following:
1. 3mm spacers to clear the lip on the hub.
2. Shave the rear brake calipers with an angle grinder and flap wheel. It's not hard if you are at all mechanically inclined. Some matching red paint if you want.
3. New BLE TPMS sensors ($300/set) installed unless you are ok with warning messages constantly. 2020 sensors won't work.

Take-off sets with very few miles can be found for dirt cheap and are worth it if you are willing to do these things.
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Oct 18, 2021
@ckegg Thanks for chiming in with all the detail and photos. (Edit: Thanks @A Morgan too.) That reminded me of an older thread where some folks did the same, shaving their calipers where they rubbed:

I sure wouldn't do it myself, but hey, can't beat the price of a used set of OE aeros. :)
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I'm very surprised that there isn't a company that makes high quality (perhaps carbon fiber) aero disk type covers for ALL the Tesla models including the 22 M3P. I've looked at some of the offerings of disk covers for other model Teslas and they are UGLY and CHEAP.

It seems to me that high end round covers with a bolt pattern would be a very attractive industry with a huge markup potential LoL! At some point on a very long road trip, everyone throws out the notion of "how it looks" for "how far will it go?" :)
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Thanks for the replies everyone! On their website, it says the wheels are compatible, even with my VIN and everything, but I went to service to double check and the guy I know there told me that they wouldn’t work and that was probably just a bug (crazy how that’s not fixed). I ended up not getting them as I don’t wanna mess with my brakes or do anything like that, instead, I’m probably just gonna sell my summer tires for some decent all season ones. If anybody’s interested, I might sell my Pirelli summer tires (under 4K miles) for around $1200 or so.
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