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So you may remember Tesla's ill-fated Aerowheels, as seen below, which added an additional 10 miles of aerodynamic range. (becoming increasingly beneficial the faster you go) I personally believe the biggest hindrance to aero wheel design is that it looks inherently fake. Its a imitation of a classic design that comes of across as a wannabe imposter. You miss out on the fun of seeing brakes that seemingly float, in a semiopaque circle of spokes. Pretend spokes will never have the same effect.

So using inspiration from these forums (did you see the guy with pizza pans on his wheels!?) I decided to photoshop some concept images together. The reasoning behind these designs is if adding depth to the design makes is less aerodynamic, and adding fake spokes on it makes it look cheap why not go all in a pan design and make the car appear to "float" while driving. Replacing one illusion with another. By removing any element that reveals the wheel is turning. Using the same color as the body helps ferment the look of a floating autonomous pod. Apple would consider this "unapologetic"

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Heck, let's go all the way with this. I once saw wheel inserts that were LCD panels that could display static images as they rotated. Of course, ours would have the solid colors as above. But they could display images to mimic rotating spokes. Or poignant GIFs for inconsiderate drivers as they pass.
I wonder how the color cars would look with black or dark gray rims?
Yes, to me I think it would look cool to have the rims in the same color as the tiers, so it is disguised where the rim ends and the tire starts :)

I'd go with something simpler ... as 19" is one big disk I'd paint the outer inch or two in crome and the center in black.

I would probably rather have it opposite - black/gray on the outer inch or two, and chrome in the center.