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After 4 months, all I get is Fire and Farts

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My favorite is the lunar module, where my 10yo operates the thrusters and we land it with me using the steering wheel.

And wife says I am just an excessively funded kid in a big body. Would not have it any other way.
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Not always. I’ve been stuck in traffic and the map showed nothing.
The old google maps was way better, this is just useless
Second this. Just because new maps does not show red/orange means either traffic isn't updated or there is no traffic. I have come across numerous times traffic never updated. At least green gave a visual confirmation. Another reason I hate v9.
I miss the old days when software updates actually provided new features and improvements. Now, I dread every update in fear of what they are going to screw up or take away this time..

I still miss color maps and hate the new location of seat/steering wheel heat control.

I just got 2019.5.15 and thankfully they changed the tabbed HVAC interface onto one screen. Still hate that the fan comes on if you want to access the menu. The UI designers should be forced to actually drive and operate these at the same time! Why don’t we have voice control for heater functions anyway?

But I do agree with the OP ... less Easter Eggs, more actual features/ bug fixes!