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After the reviews what are your favorite features and not....

After the Doug DeMuro review (Found here
) what are your favorite feature and the one(s) you may not be so crazy about?

For me, my favorite feature as silly as it sounds is the HVAC. I think just the interesting engineering of how the divert the air from another air source is just very very interesting. With that being said the thing that I think might bug me a bit is the center storage. For me, it is too glossy and will see many many fingerprints. I HATE FINGERPRINTS! Sorry had to get that out.

With all that said seeing all these reviews have made me even more excited , even after the delivery date push back.

Just curious about your thoughts
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Apr 9, 2016
New Jersey
I love the look and design of the M3. Interior is not too bad. Steering wheel could take it or leave it. CarPlay would be fabulous. Individual TPMS readings would be nice. Hate the spartan/minimalist dash. Didn’t Elon say at one point it would look like a spaceship? Hate the huge screen smack in the middle of the dash but I’m reserving final judgment until I see it in person. And of course the range is phenomenal.


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Sep 22, 2015
Omaha, NE
- Minimalist Dash
- Overall design
- All glass roof
- Storage
- No buttons
- Removable Aero covers
- Credit card key
- Interior camera
- PUP pricing

Potentially Dislike
- Steering Wheel
- Need to slam the door to shut
- No buttons
- The HUD is so dim that even the driver can't see it
- LR battery pricing

Mostly like the exterior styling, not as sexy as the S though.
Interior design from the drivers seat back is fine. Not that dash/wheel/centre screen though.
Cool bag hooks in frunk and coathanger hook in roof trim.

Controls and minimalist dash, stupid touchscreen for everything philosophy.
Chrome trim.. yuck! - Easily fixed with some wrap.
No Aux port, seriously?
No instrument binnacle or HUD
Photos and reviews cannot replace seeing it in person. Initially I too was very negative and a skeptic on the center display and all the minimalist design it enabled, the wood trim, or that it might not look as "sexy" as an S.

After seeing it in person (twice, once with a same exterior color S parked next to it), and having the opportunity to operate the center display from both seats, me thinks keyboard pilots and judges best reserve judgment until seeing and using it in person. IMO the execution is brilliant (though not without my own personal pet peeves that I believe I can live with; HUD with speedo, turn signals, and gps distance/direction to next turn would make it *perfect" for me imo).

Disclaimer I am a non-expert in these matters, but I have designed and built my own airplane cockpit so know what ergonomics lend themselves to eyes outside the cockpit, not staring inside at the panel.
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Aug 13, 2017
SF Bay
Didn't need the reviews to tell you most of these, they were clear from early pics and even clearer after looking in person:

I'll be wrapping the interior trim because glossy black interiors are like glossy black exteriors: they look good in the showroom and for 90 seconds after being cleaned. If they offered carbon fiber or brushed metal as a paid option I'd take it in a heartbeat.

Don't like the steering wheel design but I'll get over it.

Hate chrome. Always have, always will.

I wish there was a ski passthrough.

Wish there were air conditioned seats.

Wish the car could be ordered with consistent tint on the roof all the way back, or no tint at all (that's going to be a bastard to solve cleanly for people who want aftermarket tint but don't want a line, or for the actual roof to be too dark).

Wish the phone area accommodated phones in cases a bit better.

Wish the seats were more aggressively bolstered and had adjustable headrests.

Wish the steering wheel was heated.

Hoping (we still don't know!?) that the wiper jets are heated.

But even for all that, I'm still happily buying the car.
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I'll have to test drive to see about the "everything in one center screen" concept, but I sadly expect to hate it. That's just me. I expect aftermarket mods to bring back an IC, though.
As someone without a smartphone, and since I probably won't ever have one, I think entry may be an issue. It's like a regular key entry for me, which is disappointingly a step back. I expect the smartphone option to be like the S's door handles and the X's falcon wings. It'll be a load of problems, support issues, and expense with little payoff.
I freaking love everything else. If I could pay for an IC and a fob, it would be perfect.
Central speedo, just a quick glance and you know your speed. No need for bright lights and clutter in your lower vision.
Lack of lights buttons and switches. No need for the distraction
Aero wheels
Glass roof
Long electric range, the main purpose of the vehicle is the electric drive, all else is just extra fluff.

Lack of tow hitch, but always can be added


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Jan 20, 2016

Unknown availability, reliability, quality on retail units.
First batch has sunroofs. I hate sunroofs. Dumbest thing ever put on a car unless you have ejection seats or fear black helicopters are following you. Leaks, wind noise, pay for something you don't use, higher CG, one more piece of glass to break, are all common aspects. People pay for sunglasses, hats, umbrellas, car covers to reduce overhead harsh sunlight.

Note, 1/2 my vehicles have sunroofs, which has been true for years. Simply because it's a common shipped option. Never had a trouble free sunroof with over 50,000 miles when parked outside. But normally the problems with higher wind noise crop up very quickly if not right at delivery.
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Clean looking dash
All glass roof
No buttons
Backup credit card key
Blue Tooth phone control
Design of the exterior
Steering wheel
310-343 miles of range
Black leather? Seats
Headlight illumination at night
Responsiveness of the touch screen
PUP – folding mirrors…Love this feature

Stock 18” wheels
Shiny black console (Sun reflection and fingerprint smearing)
NO XM radio
Radio system in totality
No rear seat A/C control
No CHAdeMO plug provided
Lack of spare tire and having to buy tire inflation kit
No HomeLink without autopilot ($5,000)
No auto insurance provided BY Tesla

Probably more in each category...but you get the idea.
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I watch the "reviews" until the bad photography and the blah,blah,blah,blah gets annoying; typically 30-40 seconds.

I'll reserve any judgement, pro or con, until I can actually drive one. I do suspect I will find having to pull out my wallet to open the door rather annoying. And, no, I will not buy a smart phone just to get in my car.

Wouldn't pulling out your wallet be just as much of an inconvenience as pulling out keys for any other car?

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