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Aftermarket Alternatives to 3rd Row Model X Seats (e.g. converting the two small seats to a single throne)

Greetings All,

Starting to seriously consider the idea of picking up a 7 seater X here and am trying to understand what the realistic options are for seat options.
If given my way I'd opt for a three seater X with the two front captain chairs, nothing in the middle row, and a single fold up/down seat in the back where the current +2 seats are (note: that's a single seat which occupies the space of both the two foldable seats).

Figured out to sleep in the back of the S but when looking at the X, I noted the middle row folded flat (from the 7 seater config) works as a leg rest for one who's sitting in the 3rd row. Plus if I'm heading somewhere with a friend where one could sleep on a somewhat flat surface for the lower body in the back whilst the other person drove.

Anyways my point here is if an aftermarket option existed to swap the 2 seater 3rd row into a single 'throne' for the 3rd row - even if it's just swapping out the lower portion/cushion as the center armrest/USB makes it impractical to sit in the middle.

Functionally the removal of the 2nd row and alteration of the 3rd row to prioritize comfort would add a great deal of utility to what I do and curious to see if anyone else is in the same boat.

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Backstory for context: in the wake of 2020/21 I came to discover an affinity for roadtrips in my S, and being based in Houston, the majority of those who I visit and places I like to spend time are about a two day drive away. But when driving from TX to CO/NV/AZ/MI/FL there's a decent amount of time spent supercharging, and during that time I'd typically catch up on work/sleep and the back seat of the S left much to be desired here. See the X's potential to outshine the S here but need to figure out a way to make unlock it within reason.