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Aftermarket Wheels for the Model X

Which wheel looks better?

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Taking delivery of my White Sig next month. Which wheel do you think looks better? Can't decide. Found these wheels here: Instagram
The wheels in the second photo have a more rounded profile and fit the organic Cd design of the Model X.

I have similar wheels on my X5 and Model S. Are you aware that BMW wheels with the correct offset will fit on a Tesla?

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Will the dark rims (carbon turbine?) be available only with 22"? Am I out of luck if I want dark 20" rims?

According to the recently posted pictures of the configurator you are. They don't offer a dark wheel in 19" for the S either though.
This is an aftermarket thread though and there are LOTS of aftermarket options out there.

Here are the wheel options available:

20" Silver Base: included
20" Silver Helix: $2,500
22" Silver Turbine: $4,500
22" Carbon Turbine: $4,500

@Cobra Kai No, because T Sportline will be offering a 20x90 20x10 for the Model X in Q1 2016. The 20" TST will be available in Brilliant Silver, Metallic Grey, Matte Black and Gloss Black. :smile:
20x90! Damn! That's some serious meat on the road! Haha! ;-)

Kidding aside, great to hear you're stepping up with some aftermarket support! I may very well be a future customer.

The TST wheels - what is the finish on them? How do they compare quality wise to the Factory wheels? I'm expecting to have to configure my MX in the next couple months (I reserved in sept 2014) and would love to know what the options are. I live the look of cyclone wheels but living in CT really puts a damper on 22" wheels and the $4500 price tag is a little steep for the option.
What about aftermarket 21" wheels? Do we know the tire size for the stock 20" wheels?
I might split the difference between the stock rims.

Here are the Model X OEM wheels and tires - see the referenced thread for more details:

Model X wheel sizes:

  • 22x 9.0+35
  • 22x10.0+35
  • 20x9.0+35
  • 20x9.5+40

The 20" wheels have front tires in size 265/45-20 and rear tires in size 275/45-20.