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Air suspension recalibration

Hi. Has anyone had Tesla perform an air suspension recalibration out of warranty. I want to see how much they charge. I am experiencing rear suspension sag but the compressor seems fine. Also the air suspension is moving all four corners of the car up and down so I don’t think the air shock is blown. the driver rear seems to be consistently lower than the other three corners. Thanks.
My year 4 maintenance is coming up. That $40 is certainly different from the $287.50 Air Suspension Check. I don't think I have any Smart Air problems and I'd rather not pay $287.50. If Air Suspension Recalibration is on the a la carte menu, I think I'll go for that.

Any idea how I'd determine whether I have to get an Air Suspension Check? Is it as needed or mandatory at 4 years?
you can check the air shocks with a bit of soapy water. They are fairly easy to rebuild with new O-Rings. Several threads on it.


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Thanks. That got me to looking and I found this thread.

How I fixed my air suspension leak for $1.00

So there is a "air suspension warning light" which hasn't come on. If there was a leak and the compressor was running a lot, it would have come on.

No, I probably won't tick that box when I get the year 4 maintenance (+ I doubt the service tech will try to talk me into it). FIrst, new tires at CostCo then year 4 maintenance with an alignment.
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Hi. Update.
took the car to Tesla and explained the situation. Compressor works because the car does lift. Shocks seem fine since the car is not settling down after inflating.
They checked the shocks. Compressor. Hoses. And afterwards confirmed that the settings were all over the place. They can’t say how that happened but it’s possible that someone who worked in the car (not Tesla) didn’t put it in jack mode and messed up the setting. In the end they charged me the $195 diagnostic fee and that was it. I’ll drive it around and see but on the initial drive back it seems much better.