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Alfa Romeo 4c review reads like a Roadster

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There are definitely a lot of cool aspects to that car, but this part "a turbo engine that screams in your ear" made me cringe. Plus, no backup camera in that body design? The rear visibility looks terrible.
Other then Tesla, my next love in cars are Alfa's.... I've owned 3. A 164, 67 Spider (That I eventually converted to electric), and now another 164 that I bought non-running, and is also Electric.....

I've tested one of these 4c's......... Just amazing........ It's no Tesla, but it's not trying to be. I'd never switch back to gas, but that 4c... If I was rich, I'd have one to play with on occasion......
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I love Alfa's, and the 4C is stunningly gorgeous. I had a Spyder back in the early 90's, and we rented a 156 for a few weeks in Italy. But this paragraph would scare me off:
This is reinforced by how unbelievably loud the 4C is. That engine is always howling and popping and whistling right in your ears, and the carbon tub creates an echo effect that amplifies everything. Long drives leave your ears ringing like flying in a small airplane.
I simply love the quiet whoosh as I twist through the Rocky Mountain canyons in my Roadster.
I simply love the quiet whoosh as I twist through the Rocky Mountain canyons in my Roadster.
And that is one of many reasons why I will never buy another ICE, even an undeniably cool ICE like the 4C. I could not stand the noise.
While the article title is technically correct (since the Roadster is no longer in production) I would have written it this way:
"The Alfa Romeo 4C Shames Every Other Sports Car On The Market...Except the Tesla Roadster"
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When I was having my car opti coated there was a 4C next to it in the bay. Beautiful car, so is the Giulia...
I don't want to test drive either as I may like them too much.
Just wish the 4C was electric as per above....

I have a bit of the 4C in my roadster now. The HVAC vents are almost exactly the same as the roadster (even same
molded ID numbers in the interior). Only difference is that the 4C has a beautiful satin silver which matches
the roadster carbon fiber sills and door handles (vs the bright silver of the roadster standard which is a bit tacky IMHO).
I swapped the roadster vents for the 4C vents and kept the originals for future use as correct originals.
It took me a long time to track this equivalence down, but was worth it, much better.

On the flip side, the 4C now has the single din Alpine (HD 149BT) that I put into the roadster.
Good unit, even allows people to hear you with the BT mic in the original crappy position (even when top off).