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Re: Tesla Motors Website

They are doing at least two things with the website. . . They are introducing new blog-and-comments software, and they are also introducing a customer area for those who have pre-ordered cars. The customer area will be under beta testing for a few days before it's officially opened.

There may be other changes, those are just the only ones I know about. We should find out very soon, the downtime is only supposed to be a few hours.
Re: Tesla Motors Website

So it's now 4 streams of blogging instead of one.
I'm torn that it promises more-things-Tesla (which is good). On the flip side, it promises o bring more-things-Tesla (it getting hard to keep up these days!).

That new PR guy will make sure I don't have a life.

The New Site



I wonder why they waited until after the IPO to show all that?
Or maybe it was pre-shown as part of the Roadshow so some knew it was coming?

Between all these upgrades/updates and the fanfare of the IPO, I bet they get a real uptick in Roadster sales now.