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All EV Rally, BC 2 BC (Canada 2 Mexico) June 2013

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BC2BC - All Electric Vehicle Rally

To register for the June 29, 2013 launch party and the International Golden Plug Ceremony at the Peace Arch State Park in Blaine, Washington, please register here:

BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally Golden Plug Ceremony- Eventbrite

To register for the July 7, 2013 party in San Juan Capistrano, California:

BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally Party San Juan Capistrano, California - Eventbrite

We now have 10 vehicles, and 13 drivers for the rally. They are from British Columbia, Washington state, Texas, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Florida. It's no surprise that many of these entries are experienced at long distance electric vehicle travel, and that many of them are Tesla cars!! But, there are those who this might be the first time traveling outside their comfort zone.

The vehicles are:

Zero motorcycle
Tesla Model S
Tesla Roadster
Mitsubishi iMiev
Nissan LEAF
PSIDA Motorcycle
Toyota Rav4 EV Gen II

I expect that we may have a BMW ActiveE, also.


The second annual BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally starts Saturday, June 29, 2013 at the Peace Arch Park in Blaine, Washington and ends at the McDonalds restaurant in San Ysidro, California on July 7, 2013. All vehicle will be powered solely by electricity, and have no fossil fuel augmentation whatsoever.


I would like to extend an invitation for all EV drivers within range of Blaine, Washington on June 29, 2013 to attend the launch party. This rally will start in conjunction with the "Golden Plug Ceremony" between the state of Washington and province of British Columbia. This is planned to be a "governor level event".

There will be 80 KVA power at the site (up to 50 amp 240 volt AC and CHAdeMO DC service), in addition to the AAA recharge truck with CHAdeMO and possibly a VIA truck with generator onboard. Please arrive with as much power as you can. Charging will be done at the west end of the parking lot at the Peace Arch State Park. For Tesla Model S cars, the Supercharger at Burlington, WA may be operational on June 29.

8am - Park opens
9am - Reception and breakfast
10am - Driver's meeting
11am - Keynote speakers
12pm - First vehicles launch in interval for BC2BC-2013
1pm - End of formal functions, park reserved through the entire day however

We hope to have at least 50 EVs at the event, with parking for up to 250 cars from the public. Approximately 100 people, dignitaries, manufacturer representatives and government officials have been invited by the Washington state DOT.

We expect the Washington state governor and representatives from British Columbia to plug in a gold colored CHAdeMO plug, much like the golden spike ceremony for the transcontinental railroad. The BC premier will not be attending.

We are working with local television and radio to participate, and have learned that 103.7 FM in the Seattle market will be doing 60 second promos for Nissan Eastside, which will include a blurb for our event.

July 1 is Canada day, so it is a long holiday weekend for folks north of the border. That could mean two hour waits through customs, but Canadians coming to the event can bypass that by parking in the area on the Canadian side on Beach Ave in Surrey, BC and walking to the USA side for the ceremony and launch party. Do not leave the park boundary on the USA side without clearing customs first. The reverse is also true; USA citizens can walk into Canada, but cannot leave the provincial park.

Vendors will be displaying their products at the launch.

There is a kitchen that can handle 100 people inside, and 400 outside. Please purchase the ten dollar state park pass, as it is required at Peace Arch state park. We intend to have catered food, but that is not confirmed as of this writing.

Our website should be up at: BC2BC - All Electric Vehicle Rally. We will be flying three flags; Canada, USA and Mexico, but of course, we need a green flag to launch the cars! We're looking for volunteers to be marshals, and operate equipment. We also need a diesel or gasoline truck that can pull 8000 pounds with a 800 pound DC charger in the back.

For the night before the event, June 28, 2013, I've decided to stay at the following hotel. It's almost walking distance from the start, relatively cheap, and clean:

Anchor Inn Motel
250 Cedar St
Blaine, WA
(360) 332-5539

Also, I intend to participate in a gathering in Surrey, BC on Friday night, June 28, 2013 with electric vehicle owners.

Tony Williams
@QCpower #BC2BC
[email protected]
1500 Miles from Canada to Mexico
June 29, 2013 until July 7, 2013


SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA - Powertech Labs Inc., a Subsidiary of BCHydro, will host a Prequel Event to the BC2BC "All Electric Vehicle Rally", in addition to the Grand Opening of their new charging plaza and Tech Park. Located just 18 miles north of the BC2BC rally launch point at the Peace Arch State Park in Blaine, Washington, USA, the Prequel Event will commence on Friday, June 28, 2013 when Alec Tsang of BC Hydro will speak a few words about the Tech Park and its role in studying electric vehicle (EV) charging.

I will be on hand to talk about electric cars and the upcoming rally that starts the following day, Saturday, June 29, 2013. The rally will start at the border of British Columbia (BC), Canada and the USA, and end at the border of Baja California (BC), Mexico and the USA nine days later, hence "BC2BC". About 12 all-electric vehicles will be participating along the West Coast Electric Highway.

Powertech is located at 12388 - 88th Avenue, Surrey, BC and now has four Level 2 - J1772 charging stations to recharge all modern day electric cars, in addition to the first public CHAdeMO DC Fast Charger in British Columbia. CHAdeMO can recharge cars like the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi iMiEV in about 30 minutes. Powertech is strategically located close to many businesses and services which may be useful to electric vehicle drivers while their car recharges, such as a nearby Walmart, tire and auto parts stores, shopping and dining.

Both rally vehicles and spectators to the rally launch event and concurrent International Golden Plug Ceremony will be able to use these charging stations on Friday and Saturday, June 28 and 29, 2013. The International Golden Plug Ceremony is an official celebration of the joining of the West Coast Electric Highway between Washington state and the province of British Columbia, scheduled between 11am and 1pm on Saturday, June 29, 2013, at the Peace Arch State Park in Blaine, Washington.

Powertech Labs Inc.
12388 - 88th Avenue, Surrey,
British Columbia, Canada, V3W 7R7

Phone: 604-590-6638
Web: Clean Energy Consulting | Engineering Consulting Services | Powertech


If you want to enter as a rally competitor, shoot an email to:

[email protected]

There is no entry fee of any kind.

Driver name and alternate driver / passenger (if any):

Team name (if any):

Official sponsor(s) (if any):


email address:

Cell Phone to be used during event:


License Plate #

Jacket size (neck/sleeve length in inches):
(May 24, 2013 deadline to get a entry jacket, however you will be able to buy one for $65 after this date. It will have the West Coast Electric Highway logo on the back, and the BC2BC logo on the front.)

Bio for website:

Profile picture with competing car for website:



BC2BC - All Electric Vehicle Rally

BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally is on Facebook

June 29, 2013 - BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally / International Golden Plug Ceremony - Eventbrite

July 7, 2013 - BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally Party San Juan Capistrano, California - Eventbrite

Plug In Cars

West Coast Electric Highway

My Nissan LEAF forum

My Rav4 EV forum

Tesla Forum

First 2012 BC2BC solo rally


Google Maps - Peace Arch State Park, WA to McDonald's, San Ysidro, CA

The four Stages are:

June 29 - Begin Stage 1 (529 miles), Rally start at Peace Arch state park, Blaine, Washington

June 29 - Optional stop(s) in Seattle area, TBD - Rally time is paused while at the stop(s)

June 30 - Optional stop(s) in Portland area, TBD - Rally time is paused while at the stop(s)

July 1 - Grants Pass, Oregon, Stage Overnight Point, La Quinta Inn hotel

July 2 - Begin Stage 2 (374 miles), Grants Pass, Oregon

July 4 - Santa Rosa, California, Stage Overnight Point, Hyatt hotel

July 5 - Begin Stage 3 (274 miles), Santa Rosa, California

July 5 - Optional stop(s) in San Francisco Bay area, TBD - - Rally time is paused while at the stop(s)

July 6 - San Luis Obispo, California, Stage Overnight Point, Embassy Suites hotel

July 7 - Begin Stage 4 (321 miles), San Luis Obispo, California

July 7 - Optional stop in San Juan Capistrano, California, Residence Inn - - Rally time is paused while at the stop

July 7 - Arrive at End Point, McDonalds, San Ysidro, California

Posted: 1508 miles total



The following list is subject to changes prior to the event, and is only representative of the types of checkpoints to expect:

Spark Museum of Electrical Invention
There is a Tesla Coil here
1312 Bay Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: 360.738.3886

Future Tesla Supercharger site:
Jack in the Box
9397 Old Hwy 99
Burlington, WA 98233
Phone:(360) 757-0938

Nissan Eastside
11815 NE 8th St
Bellevue, WA 98005

LeMay Museum
Antique Electric Car Collection
2702 E D St Tacoma, WA 98421
Phone:(253) 779-8490

Telsa Store
435 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Must have a picture with the rally driver of the actual Research & Development electric plane on display at:
Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing
8415 Paine Field Boulevard
Mukilteo, WA 98275
(425) 438-8100

Tesla Supercharger future site
A D K Electric Inc
Electrical Permit filed 5/16/13
10 Tesla electric car charging stations
1200 Lum Road
Centralia, Washington

Tesla Store
9585 SW Washington Square Road Suite #C06
Portland, OR 97223

Brammo Inc (electric motorcycle manufacturer)
550 Clover Lane
Ashland, Oregon 97520

The CAFE Foundation "first aircraft electric charging station"
EAA 124 Hangar
Santa Rosa Airport
5550 Windsor Road
Windsor, CA 95492

Tesla Motors (electric vehicle manufacturer)
45500 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538

Tesla Store
333 Santana Row Suite 1035
San Jose, CA 95128

Zero Motorcycles (manufacturer of electric motorcycles)
380 El Pueblo Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Tesla Store
300 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Tesla Store
6600 Topanga Canyon Boulevard
Canoga Park, CA 91303

Tesla Store
1227 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Tesla Store
10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite #133
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Tesla Store
367 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Tesla Store
4545 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego CA 92122



1. Rally will start at Blaine, Washington and end in San Ysidro, California in odd numbered years, and reverse in even numbered years.

2. Cars would be released in 5 minute intervals. The order of release will be based on the random selection of one playing card for each rally vehicle for the first Stage. Subsequent stages will be released in order of elapsed rally time from previous Stage. The lowest time shall go first, and then each subsequent previous Stage rally time in order, with the slowest being last.

3. Any electric powered vehicle of any type is permitted; those that use any fossil fuel augmentation would need those energy sources sealed from use during the event. That means that the fossil fuel tank is empty and sealed, and/or removed from the vehicle.

4. There will be a series of Checkpoints and/or marshalls enroute. Photographic proof of a Checkpoint is required to get a playing card to be used for determining the Overall Winner. The picture will be exchanged for one or more playing cards at the Stage Overnight Points. The picture must contain the actual building or object; not just a sign mentioning it.

The driver must take a picture with both the driver and if possible, the rally vehicle, and something that identifies the CHECKPOINT all in the same picture. The picture will be exchanged for one or more playing cards at the Stage Overnight Points. The picture must contain the actual building or object; not just a sign mentioning it.

All checkpoints are optional. The value of how many playing cards will be issued for each of the checkpoints will be announced at the rally start or applicable Stage Overnight Point for checkpoints within that Stage.

5. Participants are prohibited from prepositioned charging stations / battery swapping stations, however the event organizers may choose to do so for the event. Any event prepositioned charging power source or charging station must be available to all participants.

6. Teams may be two registered driver / navigators per vehicle. No further augmentation or replacements allowed. Should a single driver become incapable of completing the course, then a previously named alternate may substitute the remainder of the course. Vehicles registered with two drivers may operate with one driver. No vehicle replacements during the event. No towing, pulling, pushing, or otherwise aiding the self-propulsion of the rally vehicle. Safely drafting other random vehicles is permitted, but drafting another event vehicle or vehicle known to the event in any way (even impromptu "help" for well wishers) is prohibited.

7. This is not a race !!!!! While bragging rights are always important, operating within the confines of the rules of public highways is moreso. Any car whose average speed exceeds the posted "course peak speed limit" is automatically disqualified. That means for the 2013 BC2BC event, with 1508 miles posted, and the maximum known speed limit is 70mph on the course, therefore a time of less than 21.5 hours would be disqualifying.

8. Vehicles must be legal to operate on public highways in all states and provinces that the event is operated in. Passing an event technical inspection does not mean the vehicle is legal on public highways. Only the vehicle's owner and/or operator can determine that, and/or relevant public legal authority.

9. Proof of insurance and current government registration with displayed current license plates (or "temporary tags") is required for entry that is valid in all jurisdictions that the vehicle will be operated in.

10. No "Pre-Runner" or "Chase Trucks" allowed. That means vehicles that draft in front, or have repair equipment on board, or drive ahead to block out charging stations, or carry generators or battery packs for transferring power, or may be in any way involved with the vehicle. They can't trail behind or be anywhere near the competing vehicle. This does not preclude inadvertent brief encounters, or meet ups at planned stops.

11. The Overall Winner is a combined score of quickest time on the course with the lowest playing card poker hand derived from playing cards earned at checkpoints. The lowest score wins.

11a. If three competing vehicles posted times of 31 hours, 32 hours and 33 hours, the vehicle with the lowest time gets one point, the second lowest time gets 3 points, and each subsequent time gets one additional point.

11b. The poker hands for each vehicle entry will follow recognized five card hands (although all earned cards can be used to make a 5 card hand) where a Royal Flush is highest, then Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, and Highest Card using standard poker playing cards. No wild cards will be used. The vehicle with the highest hand gets one point, the second lowest time gets 3 points, and each subsequent time gets one additional point.

11c. Ties in Overall Points will be broken by the lowest Overall Time.

11d. Examples of Overall Winner order with five entered vehicles:

Place - Vehicle - Overall Time / Points - Poker Hand / Points - Overall Points
1st --- Car 1 --- 31:00 hours / 1 pt --- Two Pair / 5 pts ------ 6 points
2nd -- Car 4 --- 34:00 hours / 5 pts - Royal Flush / 1pt ------ 6 points
3rd ---Car 2 --- 32:00 hours / 3 pts --- Straight / 4 pts ------ 7 points
4th --- Car 3 --- 33:00 hours / 4 pts - Four of a Kind / 3 pts -- 7 points
DNF -- Car 5 ------- N/A --------------- N/A ------------- 0 points

12. All vehicles that finish the course in the allotted time (for BC2BC-2013, the event time ends on July 8 at 11:59pm) will get a Finisher's Award. You must complete the entire course in the allotted time to get the award. Failure to finish also means failure to place for any Overall Winner awards (first, second, third, etc, place) or be factored in an Overall Winner tallies and will be assigned DNF for "Did Not Finish". Vehicles that are found to break any of the rules will also get a DNF.



1. What does BC2BC stand for? It means British Columbia (Canada) to Baja California (Mexico).

2. Why? For fun, of course, but to bring the public's attention to electric vehicles through public media and to highlight the lack of progress that the state of California has made with its participation in the West Coast Electric Highway.

3. Who is organizing this? Tony Williams is the primary organizer, however folks from both the Washington and Oregon state Departments of Transportation have been instrumental in building out their DC charging network, and helping organize this event in their respective states. California, not so much.

4. Who can enter? Anybody with a street legal electric powered vehicle. If that vehicle has augmentation from fossil fuels, bio diesel, hydrogen or anything other than stored electrical power, that source of power must be emptied and the container sealed from use.

5. Is their a fee to enter? Absolutely not !!!

6. Can my company display our EV related products at the launch in Blaine, Washington? Yes, just send an email to: [email protected]
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Not that I drive a Model S, but I'm wondering about how to read #5 - does "Any event prepositioned charging power source or charging station must be available to all participants." mean that Model S drivers won't be able to use the Supercharger network, as the Superchargers are only usable by Model S at this time?

Or is it that any charging power source provided by the event must be available to all participants?
Not that I drive a Model S, but I'm wondering about how to read #5 - does "Any event prepositioned charging power source or charging station must be available to all participants." mean that Model S drivers won't be able to use the Supercharger network, as the Superchargers are only usable by Model S at this time?

Or is it that any charging power source provided by the event must be available to all participants?

The former is a legitimate benefit to all Tesla participants, and the latter is the intention of the rule. So far, Model S can't use CHAdeMO either, and Roadster and Rav4 can't use either.

You, the participant, can't put a 100kva generator every XXX miles along the course. If the event organizers do, then it must be available to all participants. If you want to help with a generator, please let me know. we need them between Ashland, Oregon and Calistoga, California, and between San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles.

The event organizers can (and will) put a CHAdeMO charger that only benefits the Mitsubishi iMiev and Nissan LEAF, or a Tesla Supercharger (if available from Tesla) that only benefits Model S/X, or an SAE Combo that benefits only GM Spark and BMW i3 (again, if available).

Tthe organizers can also put a 75 amp J1772 that benefits Roadster (with adaptor), and all other modern EV's with J1772.
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bad links tony

I just checked them, and all worked.

Update to the starting location:

A LEAF driver has reserved the, "Peace Arch Park in Blaine, Washington. This way, it will be easy for Canadians to come for the send off as they won't technically have to cross the border. There's also a kitchen and indoor seating for 100 people, so any crowd that gathers will have a space to prepare food. There's 200 parking spots in the adjacent lot but you need a $10 day pass to park there (it's the Discovery Pass, which is good for either of two vehicles if you've the $30 yearly version). They have 50 amp electrical service, too."
This event will have Nissan "factory" support with one or more prepositioned 50KVA generators and probably DC CHAdeMO chargers.

Obviously, for Telsa Roadster, this will help with up to 70 amp AC charges, and for Model S/X folks, we can only hope for that Japanese market CHAdeMO adaptor!!!

Otherwise, Model S/X should be able to pull 40 or 80 amps AC.

Perhaps we can get some Tesla support?
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Tony it may actually be more difficult to do this in the Rav4EV. Although you do have a 40kWh+ battery there's no CHAdeMO, no Tesla Superchargers, no 10kW UMC for campground charging (at least none that Toyota offers).

All good points, however anybody who is attempting this without ALL due diligence (that means every adaptor you can think of) is going to have a tough time.

My Rav4 has a "UMC" for 10kW charging (it's a Clipper Creek CS-50 with a NEMA 14-50).
I think a DIY umc, is more reliable then the chademo-chargers! And there are more 14-50 plugs then there are chademos too!

Well, that will be for each participant to decide! So far, we have both LEAF, Model S and Roadster drivers showing interest. So, I called ZERO motorcycle in Santa Cruz, California and talked with their marketing department. That bike comes with a CHAdeMO connection, so it will an awesome competitor!!!

I think I'll ring up my contacts at Mitsubishi. I did call Tesla media, but left a message with no response.

If somebody knows a specific contact there, I'd appreciate it.
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Well, the countdown timer on the menu for this site is marking the time left until the start of this event.

The 2013 edition of this event, 1380 miles from Canada to Mexico, starts Saturday, June 29, 2013 at the Peace Arch Park in Blaine, Washington.

9am - Reception and check in
10am - Breakfast
11am - Driver's meeting
12pm - First cars launch in interval

All electric cars are invited. The first checkpoint will be the Home of Greenwood Car Show - Seattle, WA in Seattle.

The TESLIVE countdown timer

Tony, have you hacked the site? Haha, just kidding.
This is how they do an EV rally, Estonia to Monaco:

Electric Marathon

Tallinn, Estonia to Monte Carlo, Monaco - Google Maps

1853 miles

From 2011:

Stage 1 “Nordic Raid”. Date: June 03-06th.
Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany.
Start in Tallinn – Finish in Lübeck.

Stage 2 “Motorway Raid”. Date: June 06-08th.
Germany and Switzerland.
Start in Lübeck – Finish in Zurich.

Stage 3 “Mountains Raid”. Date: June 08-11th.
Switzerland, Italy and Monaco.
Start in Zurich – Finish in Monte-Carlo.