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All Model S have Air Suspension. Please confirm.


Apr 14, 2016
Test drove a Model S 90D with the bigger wheels and Michelin Sport tires. Did all the acceleration stuff which was fun, but what impressed me most was how fast I was able to enter and accelerate thru my favorite highway on ramp. The amount of grip and the planted feel of this car is simply amazing considering the weight of the car and the fact 3 of us were in it.

Anyways after test drive our Product Specialist said all Model S have air suspension the "OPTION" is only to be able raise and lower it.

I had misunderstood some previous posts on the forum when people were talking about not getting air suspension and the car having a more planted feel. Which would be the car would have some sort of coil/spring setup and no air bag/suspension of any sort.

So which is it?


Ex got M3 in the divorce, waiting for EU Model Y!
Feb 9, 2012
Drammen, Norway
They don't. You can opt out of the air suspension and get coil suspension.

I think the point of the DS is that the air suspension is not an adaptive suspension, it's a regular suspension that in addition can lower or raise the entire car.


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Jun 13, 2014
"Smart Air Suspension" is a cost option, the one you get to adjust ride height.

I've never heard the basic suspension described as "air". Usually "coil".

Whatever it is... is fixed height. And you have to go to great lengths of aftermarket to change ride height.

I got the smart air. It's fun. And functional.

If you like corners at speed, get the smart air ride... you can then lower the car even more at speed and be Super Glued to the road.


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Jul 23, 2013
Air suspension option as others have noted is very good and functional. I like how it uses your preferences to raise or lower the car based on what you set up before. The driveway to my mother's for example is rather steep and I need to adjust up the air suspension so that I don't scrape, and the car knows this and adjusts as I approach it.

As previously mentioned, I also lower it at speed, so the handling is better.


Apr 14, 2016
Ok thanks for clearing up the confusion, nice to know there is still and old school coil/spring setup that has nothing to do with air suspension and all of it's components.