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Am I The Only One - Love My Car - Hates Tesla?


Completely Serious
May 17, 2019
Can’t agree ....Orlando is quite comfortable in the winter save a few days. Besides, I’m always shuttling 500+ Lbs in our trips back/forth.

I notice that when me and my fiancée drive from Washington dc to home we have average over 300kw/hr.

I just assumed it was because we are... uh.. pleasantly plump... maybe I should schedule a service appointment, but I’d hate to have the tech tell me I’m fat.
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Oct 22, 2017
Love Tesla, love TSLA, love the cars, hate service. Tesla service was ok back in the days , used to be able to SMS SA directly, nowadays nobody picks up the phone, nobody cares to return calls, nobody responds app messages either. But they would unilaterally cancel my service appointment without upfront communication. That’s my recent experience with local service center. Online chat still works, that’s the only hope to reach somebody alive.


Sep 28, 2020
Bellevue WA
Sounds like the service level is inconsistent just like the fit&finish issues (mine has no gap issues, only the rear light not perfectly flush with the body). The only time I had a service is due to the driver side mirror (not moving wide enough), and I am perfectly fine with the mobile technician. He was very helpful, and texted me later to give me the manufacture date of my car.


Sep 28, 2020
Southern California
I think this is to be expected, for a few reasons:

1) This is not just another car purchase for most people, it’s an attempt at making a switch from ICE vehicles to EV’s. So they (we) are already nervous about so many unknowns that the experience already has people on edge. (I know I was, and this is my 9th car purchase and I’ve bought countless motorcycles in the past).
2) Tesla has a “unique” buying experience...some love it and some hate it, but I think it does not lend itself to being uninformed or unsure. You need to have information/data on your side to “trust” the experience because it is so different than any other car buying process.
3) There are rather large sums of money involved. Personally, I’ve never been into buying expensive cars in the past (my $$$ went to motorcycles!). It’s tough when there are so many unknowns, AND you are cutting a big check.
4) *Almost forgot this one* Tesla buying experience and service need some serious sorting out. There are real issues that need to be resolved if Tesla want a larger share of the automotive marketplace. They really just need to focus more on that.

There is a lot going on with a new Tesla buyer, and I think we ought to give them some leeway. They (we) will get comfortable with the things they are able to, and leave the rest behind. If it’s all too much, then they sell and move on. Either way there’s no better place for people to rant. Lot’s of readily available information on this board and a post like this usually brings out many useful links.


Nov 25, 2020
I had the impression Villages-types were all about personal responsibility?... Must just be for others....

I’m sorry, a poorly built vehicle and poor customer service now falls under personal responsibility?

I agree with him. I’m not a first time Tesla owner, but this is definitely my last. The sheer number of software issues, hardware problems, and just poor customer service is absolutely unacceptable. The only reason Tesla is doing well is lack of competition. As soon as there’s a viable alternative, they’re in for some pain.


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Feb 11, 2020
I’m sorry, a poorly built vehicle and poor customer service now falls under personal responsibility?

I agree with him. I’m not a first time Tesla owner, but this is definitely my last. The sheer number of software issues, hardware problems, and just poor customer service is absolutely unacceptable. The only reason Tesla is doing well is lack of competition. As soon as there’s a viable alternative, they’re in for some pain.
Don't be sorry, it's OK to disagree. But any amount of due diligence would have prepared him for possible issues. Some have none and some have more, it's a fact. And yes, competition is good and will drive improvements. Service is definitely an area ripe for it. In the meantime, coming here just to rant and move on is boring - good luck and Godspeed to you both....

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Sep 29, 2015
Naples, FL & Cary, NC
idk. If you and your partner are topping 250lbs each I think in the winter it is doable....

We carry a full load of “stuff” in the frunk/trunk that usually weighs 150+ lbs coupled with our 350.

lol at the folks that disagree with me re: the fact that it’s impossible to lose 50% efficiency driving in the Orlando area in the winter.

btw: I have 5+ years of Teslafi data driving from Florida to North Carolina (40x) and also for visits to Ohio and the Northeast. I’ve never experienced the supposed range loss.


Oct 7, 2020
Milwaukee, WI USA
Not me. I love the car and like what Tesla is doing, for the most part. Tesla owners are early adopters and a lot of what we are seeing comes with that. I do have some frustrations with things missing (XM, Waze, a true snow mode), flawed (paint, fit and finish) and things taken away (option to decrease regen) but that doesn’t break my experience with Tesla. The car is absolutely awesome. Beautiful, fun to drive, and faster than anything equivalent on the road.
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Jul 22, 2020
Brooklyn, NY
I don’t understand why we always bash those who are having bad experiences with Tesla when each and every single one of us has dealt with similar experiences at some point or the other.. and we know they’re horrible. However as someone said above as long as the good far outweighs the bad then we’re ok with it.. We should be directing those having issues to the “tip & tricks” of how to get things done.

Tesla NEVER answers the phone, I’ve actually never spoken to someone on the phone from a call that I’ve initiated. I’ve also figured out how to get what I want done without having to actually speak to anyone. Simply use the app and “create a ticket” they have to respond or close the tickets..

To the OP; since you live far away; service has been very sketchy with loaners I’ve never actually gotten one but during my last pick up I’ve seen others receiving. So my advice would be when creating service in the app put that you request a loaner as you live blank amount of miles away and Uber Credits won’t even pay for you to get home. If they don’t have a Tesla Loaner, they’re supposed to provide an ICE loaner but this is also based on reading posts here; I’ve never actually experienced this.. living in NYC the Uber Credits are fine by me, especially since I choose the Luxury option lol..

You’re also correct to be upset about the range issue; Tesla passes the ball on its Range Estimates by quoting the EPA but my 90% charge says 260 miles, yet shows me 168 miles in the energy app.. There are many factors that affect range so I understand why one would be upset. The 3-4 referrals I have I spend the Majority of the time doing damage control for Tesla but then you see something like edmunds review and it’s hard to explain it away.

Edmunds Tested: Electric Car Range and Consumption | Edmunds

I can turn this post into a book..

But I’ll cut it short with this; there are a ton of issues with Tesla; but the car is good enough for me to try and navigate those issues..

I keep a list of issues, and I can honestly say they’ve fixed almost every one.. Do some research here on the forums and if you want to keep the car; your experience will change.. I get it you shouldn’t have to look for the secret; but you’re part of the club now.


Mar 4, 2021
I agree with op. Love the car but Tesla as a “dealership” although they are not technically a dealership... the service is terrible.
I had fair warning re service from friends and by doing research. But just couldn’t believe it. They wouldn’t change my tires for a set of winters (with mags) before I picked up the car. Sales manager told me they do not have the “bandwidth” to change everyone’s tires. I literally drove the car with all season tires in a snow storm in the middle of winter. In a province where winter tires are mandatory and required by law. For liability they make you sign a document that says you understand the car has no winter tires and you have 7 days to change them. I’m still shaking my head at that

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