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Amarillo to Trinidad, CO supercharger stats - round trip

Discussion in 'Texas' started by reddy, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. reddy

    reddy Member

    Jan 26, 2013
    Amarillo, TX
    Although Amarillo's supercharger is still in eternal 'Coming Soon' status, it could be useful for Texas to Colorado drivers to know what the drive is like from Amarillo to the Trinidad SC.

    Executive Summary:
    Westbound to Trinidad: Trip at reduced speed consumed 252 of my 261 rated miles.
    Eastbound to Amarillo: Easily made trip with lots of reserve energy

    Here was my environment:
    2013 Model S 85, 19 inch wheels
    Ambient temp 95 in Amarillo , clear weather, 10mph wind from SSW
    227 actual miles.

    Amarillo to Trinidad
    Left Amarillo with 261 RM. Evtripplanner predicted arrival with 8 miles remaining. Because that is a narrow margin of error, I drove the Amarillo to Dalhart segment at 63 MPH, and stopped at the free City of Dalhart RV park to add 24 miles of range. I left Dalhart with 205 RM.

    The segment from Dalhart to Capulin was a gentle uphill climb almost all of the way, and was using over 350 wh per mile. I reduced speed to 60mph west of Clayton NM. After getting to Capulin, there was a relatively steep drop into Raton NM.

    At the US87 - I25 junction I had 53 RM. I headed north up Raton Pass at 60mph and reached the crest with 35RM. Once over the pass, it was virtually straight downhill, and drove the next 11 miles at 70mph and arrived at the Trinidad SC with 33 RM remaining. If I had not added the 24 RM in Dalhart I would have made it with 9 miles reserve. I used 318 wh/mi on the Dalhart to Trinidad portion. Given that there is often a prevailing headwind, I don't think I would drive Amarillo to Trinidad without topping off somewhere en route.

    Trinidad to Amarillo
    Temp 78, partly cloudy, 14mph wind from SW
    Left Trinidad with 261 RM. Not realizing that the return trip was much easier, and wanting to avoid another stop in Dalhart, I drove at only 62mph from Trinidad to Capulin. Once I got to Capulin and saw that my usage was only 290 wh/m I dialed up to 65 MPH, and at Dalhart increased to 70mph. I arrived in Amarillo nonstop with 36 RM remaining, and 274 wh/mi energy use.

    Bottom line:

    If you want to try Amarillo to Trinidad nonstop, keep your speed in the 60-62mph range, hope for no headwind, and you will need to have 25 or more rated miles remaining once you get to the Hwy 87 - I25 intersection to safely reach the top of Raton Pass. If you don't have that much left, there is a KOA in Raton.

    The Trinidad to Amarillo trip is a breeze, since it is all downhill once you reach Capulin. I probably could have driven close to 70mph most of the way, but be aware that winds here can get extreme, and if they are going against you there are limited options to charge.

    The identified RV parks for charging if you guess wrong are:
    Dalhart - City RV Park is free
    KOA - Clayton NM
    Capulin RV park - right on US 87 so very convenient
    KOA - Raton
    NRA Whittington Center RV Park - (Not on Plugshare, but the people there tell me they have 50amp service, and are looking forward to their first EV. A bit out of the way SW of Raton. But they have a cool NRA Museum.)
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  2. snellenr

    snellenr Member

    Aug 5, 2013
    Thanks for the trip report, Reddy... That would be a fun drive in an S -- at speed, and with all of that power to pass the long lines of trucks & trailers that stack up between passing lanes. Not so much, the way you had to do it. That climb up Raton Pass would be a killer at the tail end of an extreme-range leg...
  3. Twiglett

    Twiglett Single pedal driver

    Oct 3, 2014
    It would be nice to have enough to have a quick stop at Capulin volcano, thats always fun but quite steep :)

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