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Amazing Car, Amazing Delivery, Amazing Experience


Jul 7, 2017
Hi everyone,

I think everyone can agree with me that the people with issues pipe up (understandably) way more than the people without. So I'd like to take this time to represent those of us with nothing but reasonably positive experiences.

Here is my customer journey. I took delivery about three weeks ago in Portland Oregon. Previously I was a non owner. I reserved in-store on March 31 2016. I received my invite to configure 4/6/18. Five weeks later, I picked up my car from Tesla- Pearl white, aero rims, long range battery, with autopilot (VIN 17xxx).

As far as expectations pre-delivery, Tesla hit every one of them.
✓ Delivery window March to May- Tesla delivered in May.
✓ 3-6 week delivery time from configure to delivery- Tesla took 5 weeks.
✓ Very kind, helpful, and responsive Tesla ISA (Inside Sales Advisor) who guided me through paying/prepping for the car.
✓ Very patient, nice, and informative delivery specialist during delivery who got me setup for my car to drive away.

As far as expectations post-delivery, Tesla hit every one of them as well.
✓ This car drives like a dream. Acceleration is top notch and turning is ridiculously responsive.
✓ Fit and finish is very high quality. No panel gaps and the interior materials feel very luxury.
✓ Autopilot is a game changer- and as long as you drive it as intended, it adds so much safety and relaxation to driving.

Let me just state that this post isn't intended to make anyone that experienced issues/delays feel bad, it's intended to share my side of the story, and explain to potentially worried soon-to-be owners that many people have smooth, simple, and wonderful experiences. (knock on wood that I continue to have an incredible experience) :D

Thank you again Tesla for a phenomenal car, and an amazing experience leading up to taking delivery. To those of you waiting, I'm sure you've heard it before, but this car is very much worth the wait. Enjoy some pictures of my now three week old car and my delivery experience!
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Nov 19, 2016
15,000km in 2 months. Stopped in at the service centre a month ago to say hi. Have had nothing but good driving so far! I didn't want a delivery experience - I wanted a good online shopping experience for a car that will just drive. And that's exactly what I got. Very happy with my inventory X.
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Jul 7, 2017
I’m glad to see everyone else popping in here to say their experience was great too. It’s good to know for everyone yet to receive the car that their experience will most likely be amazing too!
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Jul 7, 2017
Same here. No issues at all with the car or delivery.

Love to hear it :) With a good chunk of these threads being people stepping up to mention an issue, I think its very important for everyone to know that Tesla has done a great job overall with the car/experience.
Apr 5, 2016
I had a great delivery experience and have had zero issues with the car so far (took delivery yesterday). It took 8 weeks from config to delivery, rather tan 4-6, and that seems typical for the east coast. Not a big deal and well worth the wait.
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Le meow
Sep 19, 2017
Los Angeles, California
Thanks for sharing your experience!

I too, had an amazing experience. The delivery process was very personal and smooth even though they initially got my last name wrong on the paperwork. Unlike many others, I have had exactly zero problems unlocking with my various phones.


REJECT Fascism
May 7, 2015
New Mexico
Did anyone have a home delivery? I am curious to see if other people had a different experience than the one I did.
I was eligible but deferred. I asked my sales advisor about her experience. She mentioned a total of one delivery ... that was delayed SEVEN weeks to the customer from the time the car reached the local delivery center to the customer's home.

It seems obvious that Tesla is flooded with work and non-routine requests are just not going to be smooth for now. Tesla tries really hard to give customers great service but at this stage giving them a helping hand is prudent. All part and parcel of being a customer of a young and rapidly growing company.


Aug 24, 2017
Atlanta, Ga
I took delivery on Saturday and it was as smooth as it possibly could have been. The DS was great with communication and everything went exactly to schedule. Great job with the orientation. The other customers were also in a great mood, creating a very congenial atmosphere. By the way, only 2 days in but I love the car. Great build and tremendous attention to doing the little things that make the driving experience better. Well done.
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New Member
Oct 5, 2018
New York
Hi Lupend88

Just some background. I work for another company trying to improve the customer journey. Im really amazed by the job Tesla is doing.
What I am interested in is the experience you had between reservation and delivery.

It is great to hear about your experience. Like many, you seem very happy with your purchase.
Could you tell me about your customer experience from your reservation in 2016 to delivery in 2018?

- How did Tesla keep you engaged during the period of waiting? (except for the config close to delivery)
- Was there something you missed in form of communication? Did you get any exclusive test drive possibilty before delivery? Other things provided by Tesla?
If anyone else has an experience they would like to share, please do.
All companies should excel in customer experience so all the help I can get is valuable


Jan 21, 2018
I had a truly special delivery experience back in May in Toronto before the mass deliveries began.

My car was the 3rd delivery on the 1st day of deliveries in Canada, and the Tesla crew gave it the stage lighting treatment in the show room like it was the star. We had all the time in the world to look at the car and take pictures. As we got to know features of the car, we found hidden Easter eggs in some of the compartments. There were cookies in the shape of "3" in phone tray, a toy Model 3 was found in the centre console, and a huge "3"-shaped helium balloon popped out from the trunk when we opened it.

The Delivery Specialist was friendly, courteous, extremely knowledgeable, and super excited about the car too.

It was an amazing experience that I'll remember the rest of my life!
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Fair Verona

Sep 1, 2018
Los Angeles
I think it’s good to also share the good experiences, not just the bad. I had a great delivery too and I hopefully the bad ones become less and less as they get better at this. Congrats on your new car!
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