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Andersen A2 charger owners

Hello fellow Andersen owners. Had my A2 installed over a month ago. It sat inactive until my Model 3 arrived a week ago. I’ve charged a couple of times and found that it works well in terms of charging and the cable tidy design is excellent too.

Thus far I’ve charged the Model 3 by setting a schedule via the in car display to start charging at 00:30 when my Octopus off peak electricity kicks in. Worked fine. Tonight I tried to schedule a charge via the Andersen Konnect app instead. However, the behaviour of both the charger LED lights and the app status is not as expected and not as stated in Andersen documentation (which is pretty poor actually). In my case when I confirm a scheduled charge, the charger status changes to “Locked”. If I unlock it, a couple of seconds later it locks again. So,I cancelled the scheduled charge in the app then unlocked it. Again, it locked again a couple of seconds later.

Any other users had similar issues or got any advice? As it’s still “Locked” I’ve no idea if it’ll charge tonight or not. I’ll find out in the morning I suppose :)
Went back into the Konnect app and managed to cancel the scheduled charge and unlock the Andersen. So the scheduled start as set in the Model 3 should commence as before.

Not overly happy at the Andersen app though, it seemed OK when I first played with it but it actually seems a bit flaky compared to the design excellence and sturdy build quality of the charger itself. I expect a premium “smart charger” to have a smart app that is both easy to use and functional.
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How do you unplug the cable from the Model 3? Without using an app, I still find I have to open the boot and pull the wire to release the charger lock for my old Rolec charger (not talking about the charger door, but the lock inside the charger port itself).

Hoping the Andersen is easier to use in that regard.
Yes they do. Seems simple enough. Bills, meter readings. What else is required? Although to be fair to @Durzel I’m new to Octopus so haven’t used the app in anger yet. It may well be rubbish.
It’s pretty woeful. It doesn’t know for example that I have a smart meter so it’s pestering me to supply meter readings. Since it doesn’t know this info it also doesn’t show me the half hourly meter readings the website does.

There is another app on the App Store (don’t know about Android) that’s designed to work with the Agile tariff, and that looks much better - graphs, etc.

I can’t even see the tariff I’m on in the app.

I don’t even bother to use it, the website tells me more info in a responsive layout. Frankly the app could just encapsulate the website and it would be more functional than it is now.