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Android key issues worse on 2018.14.x?


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Feb 28, 2018
Portland, OR
I'm curious if anyone's phone-as-key issues have actually gotten worse with 2018.14.x...

In the three weeks I've had my Model 3 (starting on 10.5, then 12.3), I've had an issue with the phone key maybe three times where the car didn't unlock within 5 seconds and I actually had to pull my phone out or use the card key. Since the update to 2018.14.13, I've had issues about 90% of the time. Nothing's changed on the phone or the app (same app version, no phone updates, no new apps on the phone), and I've tried power-cycling the phone, cycling Bluetooth, all the usual recommended tricks to no avail. I've usually given up after 30 seconds or so of futzing with the door handle and just used the manual app unlock or the card key.

I did notice that the screen in the car now wakes up and shows tapping the card key to enter- I assume that's new with 2018.14.x. It's a nice little touch to at least know the car's awake (if you didn't hear the HV contactors thunk on the first door attempt).

Am I crazy or is anyone else seeing a regression here?
The term "futzing". :)

I hope that after I get my car, Tesla will have wised up and issue FOBS. I'm probably going to rely on the card key instead of using my phone. Seems to be easier and less hassle. Besides, that's what i had to do when I rented one a couple of months ago.

edit: Eh! Got beaten to it. Goes to show you how slow I type.