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Android Phone - Model 3 Plan

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I've ordered my Model 3 and given how voice text does not work in the Model 3, this is my plan - let me know if this would work in the model 3.

1. Configure Android Auto to automatically launch on my Pixel 2 XL when bluetooth connection made.
2. Have my Pixel 2 XL charging in the charging dock and screen visible at all times
3. When want to send a text do my normal Hey Google and dictate text message

My question is, will I hear Google Assistant through the car speakers as it is connected to bluetooth or will it only play sound through my phone. Same way, when I get a text message received, when I ask google to read my text will it play through the car speakers or just the phone?

And (will probably not do this and use Tesla maps) but if for some reason I find that the real time traffic is much better on Google Maps due tot he lack of Teslas in my area, if I run google maps through android auto on my phone, will the sound (directions) come through bluetooth speakers?