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Android Tesla Radar App

I the author posting this on another forum. He seems quite genuine but unless it gets a lot of users your chances of passing someone with it are extremely low. And most won't because of battery drain, privacy etc.

Edit: Actually might be different, this app is using bluetooth (tracking cars without the owners permission.. minefield..). I've heard of that kind of tracking being done with TPMS but never as more than a proof of concept.
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Installed it.. instantly it wants to run in the background & access GPS in the background.. goodbye battery.. It's pushy about it as well. 'Share data' is on by default and it didn't ask (yay GDPR).

It's seen 1 car, and I'm the 127th most active person in the world...

Not something I'll keep around.

On the plus side the heat map is very coarse so it's not really giving away locations, at least in the UI.