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Andy Blau at The Drive lists 7 things he hates about his Model S

Number 5, the requirement for trip planning, is quite possibly one of the things I enjoy most about the concept of a Tesla. Also, you can just get in the car and go for a random drive, you just can't drive aimlessly beyond your range.

Anyone who has owned a premium sports car also knows the feeling of not having a spare tire. This isn't something that's specific to Tesla.


Sep 29, 2015
Canton, NC
#4 is a valid complaint in his particular instance, but not overall, and I'd say #7 is the one worry out of those I have. Since this is less of a car and more of a computer on wheels, it won't be as relevant in ten years as a ten year old ICE car has traditionally been. It's become like every other modern product like a phone or computer.

That said, I'm still buying one :)


P100DL, 2021 M3, 4 CT reservations and counting
Supporting Member
Dec 25, 2011
My mountain
Interesting in that he seems to be nit-picking and I'm also an owner of the 60kWh and don't agree with any of his points as issues or even nit-picks after nearly 3 years and 50K miles of ownership.

No rattles, but if I did service would knock them out dutifully.
Carry a can of fix a flat, but never had an issue and replaced the tires at 40K miles with 3/32's remaining
Makes my life decidedly less complicated as there is no need to search/hunt/gather/fight for cheap gas and waste my time at those smelly/toxic/dangerous venues
It is crazy fun to drive in the snow, but then I cut my teeth in MN winters with my Grandfathers Dodge Ram conversion van ;)
Yes there is less range in the winter, but I've taken very long/no supercharger/calling ahead to RV's parks for 14-50 access in the middle of winter 2013 and now it just doesn't matter with superchargers everywhere. In town I have never had the slightest range anxiety as the car wakes up every morning with ~170 rated miles
My 60kWh has a completely new UI (that I like) and has added hill hold with a software upgrade
Two cupholders are enough for me, my car is clean/uncluttered/kids in the trunk ;)


Active Member
Oct 20, 2010
NE Oklahoma
Even #1 is stupid. He blew *2* tires. How the f**k would 1 spare tire help you then? If you blow 2 tires you're calling a tow truck no matter what car you're driving (please don't post pictures of stupid dually cars or some such nonsense). Also, I don't know of any car in its class that has a spare tires. BMW's don't. I doubt Audis and MB's do either. Most of them have run-flats. If you have 19" on your Model S you can put run flats on there. Done.

And #6? Sure, you're going to be less nervous driving a clapped out Subaru than you will you're new Model S. News flash moron, AWD doesn't help you stop any faster.

#7 do you complain that your iPhone5 doesn't have a fingerprint scanner even though iOS9 supports it? Welcome to the world of technology.

Where's the complaint that the v7 UI looks like it was designed and drawn by a 7 year old? They moved the odometer, a piece of info I need once or twice a year, to smack dab in the middle of the driver. If you're going to complain about something, make it an actual problem.

Who is this guy? He's not qualified to drive a Radio Flyer.


Well-Known Member
Supporting Member
Mar 6, 2013
San Diego
Lol, the guy is a senior Vice President of Time, Inc.

Yeah, I agree his complaints are silly. Especially when he complains about range, yet owns a 60 kWh car (which he doesn't emphasize, making it seem that all Teslas are range limited, duh).

It could be worse, at least he is a Tesla owner, so cut him some slack...
I don't take offense to him nitpicking certain aspects of the Model S. It's an expensive vehicle so naturally our expectations are higher. The armrest cupholders are a bad design choice and the Model X coming with the center console really highlights that.

#5 is the biggest issue and largest hurdle for Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers to clear though. Yes, the superchargers are great but there's only so many of them. Traffic and other adverse road conditions plus the possibility of superchargers being full can make charging inconvenient. I don't mind waiting for a charge, but if you're traveling with a group they may not appreciate the added time required. Gasoline-powered vehicles still have a huge advantage in terms of refueling flexibility.

But despite all the quirks, the guy seems to enjoy his car just as much as everyone else here does :smile:
The spare tire thing is so silly. He did OK for a while but then finally got screwed when he blew two tires at once... and that's an argument for a spare tire HOW exactly?

I'm sure everyone will have a field day with this part: "First of all, don’t buy a Tesla if you don’t have a backup." As I'm sure we all know already, lots and lots of Tesla owners have no "backup" and we do just fine. From his description of long-distance travel ("beg someone to let me use their 110-volt outlet to charge my car") I don't think he's actually done any.

He raises some good points as well, though. This one really stuck out at me: "Tesla's range meter seems really accurate during the summer months. As soon as the mercury drops below 50, the reading becomes almost meaningless." Everyone here probably knows that the battery meter is not a "range meter," but is just an energy meter that happens to be measured in miles if you set it to show that. But the average driver is naturally going to look at the thing saying "XYZ miles" and think it actually means miles, then get frustrated when cold weather causes them to use a lot more than one "mile" per actual mile. This is an important UI problem that Tesla ought to figure out.

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