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Announcing 'EV Alert System' available for all Teslas


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Jan 18, 2014
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Many of you may be familiar with my EV-HORN project that gave people the ability to trigger via a remote control any of 8 different sounds, loud enough to be a Pedestrian Warning Sound, but triggered manually. It was a fun device, but not really useful as an automatic PWS device.

That all changes today!

Announcing the new 'EV Alert System' - EVAS which is:
  • GPS enabled - to detect low speeds and automatically sound the Pedestrian Warning Sound of your choice
  • Remote control enabled -- allows you to use any compatible 433mHz remote control to trigger any sound you want
  • Bluetooth enabled -- A full featured mobile app (iOS and Android) is included to control all aspects of the system
  • Includes a Micro-SD card - to allow you to easily install/add any sounds clips you want, playable via remote control or the mobile app. Clips are only limited by the size of SD card installed
  • Standard 3.5mm Audio out -- Unlimited expandability if you want to install a bigger speaker or other output devices
  • For Model S and X, powered from the OBDII port -- NO splicing or wiring required. Totally plug-and-play and completely reversible
  • For Model 3, easy wire taps are included to easily tap into the 12v system
You can see all the features and details here: https://ev-cpo.com/horn.php

I'm gearing up for full production/shipping in February or March, but for now, I'd like to find THREE beta testers to install and test out the device and mobile app. These first three people to contact me will get a $100 discount off the selling price of $250 for helping work out any last kinks or bugs in the system or app.

I would like to find at least one Model 3 owner who is willing to find the best way to tap the 12v system in the car and the best method and location to install the device and speaker. If the Model 3 owner(s) can take installation photos and/or video, I'll refund them another $100.

If you are interested getting a unit for beta testing for $150, please PM me. The first three people to contact me in order will get one (I'm ready to ship today), and at least one needs to be a Model 3 owner willing to help with install details. I'll post here when I have found three volunteers.

P.S. I know the subject of a PWS is highly controversial. This thread is not to further debate the pros/cons of such a device, but rather offer a PWS solution backwards compatible with ALL Teslas, for people that want one. Of course, with the EVAS, you can disable the PWS component and still use it for all the other sounds.