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Annoying NEW beeping proximity chimes (after HW3 upgrade)

My 4/18 made MX P100X just received a new HW3 computer on Monday. Right after I left SC I noticed NEW "beep beep beep" type of chime when my car is close to an object (ex, another car pulls up close to me, etc). It is loud, very annoying, and overrides radio/music. It also doesn't turn off until obstruction is resolved (ex, car starts moving). This is not eliminated with Joe mode or Turn off parking chimes selectors on. Anyone experiencing the same?
Hey, so I took my car to service center. Tech listened very carefully, verified my videos and told me that he was 99 percent sure that it’s software problem. “This will be solved with future software updates” he said. He said he would run this by corporate, get back to me by the end of the day and I didn’t need to leave my car. Of course no one got back to me. So that’s where I am at. Let me know if you hear something else.