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Annoying new proximity chimes.

I received a new HW3 computer when car was in for minor repairs. Right after I left SC I noticed NEW "beep beep beep" type of chime when my car is close to an object such as an adjacent car in a parking lot or o a narrow road. It is loud, very annoying, and overrides radio/music. It also doesn't turn off until obstruction is resolved and also continues beeping with the car in park. This is not eliminated with Joe mode or Turn off parking chimes selectors on. I see a Model X owner reports the same. I have V. 10.0 software. Is this widespread?
He literally said in his post he turned them off in the settings and they continued

Indeed. I missed that.

In an inverse from typical computer advice, have you tried turning then on and then back off again? I have seen a number of settings which say one thing in the UI but act the opposite way, most recently the Trips items that appear in the CID when I switch driver profiles. However, toggling them in the settings gets them back in sync again.