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Another Model 3 Review

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Oct 13, 2017
I drive a model S which I absolutely love. My daughter picked up her model three in the past couple of days. Red with sport wheels. I wanted to share my impressions very quickly about the vehicle.

Likes- styling, comfort, acceleration, handling- the car drives very similar to a small Mercedes-Benz or BMW with better acceleration, stereo is excellent -- it should also be noted the fit and finish are excellent. I would put these up against any luxury vehicle in the price range.

Dislike - these are not major items and none of them for me would be a deal-breaker. Lack of power lift gate, console- while the clarity is excellent and the response time is excellent I do not like the screen options. The model S has more flexibility with what you display and where. Interior lighting- people have noted this but the car is very dark inside. We adjusted the console to stay in day light mode and I'm going to change out the LEDs - maybe down the road with a software update the dome lights will have an ambient setting.

If you're on this forum you are already a Tesla fan - this car will not disappoint it is every bit as good as advertised and in most cases better.
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