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Another Use for the iPhone App

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I stumbled upon another use for the iPhone app (and another example of great service) as my MS was undergoing its 2nd year service. Due to an unforeseen delay in the progress of the work, I got a call from the service concierge giving me an updated estimate on the time for completion, stating also that one of the last things to be done was charging the car to the range needed for my trip home since the battery had to be depleted for the work that was done (contactors, switch, etc.). At about the time period stated, my phone buzzed and a notification appeared on the screen: charging started at xx:xx hrs. with battery at 14 miles. Intermittent checking with the app showed slow charging and the accompanying numbers indicated a 240 v. connection. I then received a follow-up call which allowed me to voice my concern about this and was told this was only to get enough charge so the car could be moved to the high-power outlet. I confirmed this a bit later when the app showed the car's icon in another part of the building and the charging numbers consistent with a supercharger's power (310 mph, 407 volts, etc.). When the call confirming completion of work came, it was near the end of the day - not enough time for me to drive the 80 miles back to the shop with the P85 loaner. In another display of the Tesla service we have come to love, the service manager offered drive my car and meet me halfway at the Port Orange supercharger to complete the paper work and swap cars. Needless to say, I was able to use the app to track my car's progress to Port Orange. Pete, the service manager, brought all the necessary paperwork and was very efficient about it. In a similar ICE situation, I would probably have to wait until the next day to return the loaner and pick up my car.