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Any idea why my dashboard is melting?

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My car has these melted spots on the dashboard right behind the touchscreen.
I live in moderate climate in the Northen part of New York state.
Do you leave that Beanie Baby on your dash? Those eyes might be acting like small magnifying glasses to focus the sun light across those lines on the dash.
Looks an awful lot like the Sun is being focused onto those spots. I'm guessing you park outside during the day with the car facing south?
Yes, my car is usually parked outside facing southwest.
My teenage son just proposed a theory that the edges of the suction cup attaching the plush dragon to the windshield might act like a lens :eek:

You might want to turn on cabin overheat protection.
It had been on, but was not working until I turned on the "AC On" option this morning.
Sorry to hear about your situation. When I lived in the South West US, all cars had a dashboard cover made out of a tight weave, edged rug material. Without the cover, the dashboard melted and cracked in less than a year. If you are unable to adjust your parking orientation, or use a windshield cover to block the sun, a dash cover (like dashmat.com) might work for you. Seems they come in a variety of materials now. I'm not affiliated with any vendor of these products.
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I'm not sure cabin overhead protection is going to do much for focused sunlight.

Scientifically, I'd change nothing but add a timelapse camera in the cabin that is pointed at the windshield and dash and takes a picture every 10 seconds or so. See if you can catch it in action. Then you have real evidence of what's happening and can take appropriate measures.
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