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Any interior photos of 6 seat model X interior with console and back row seats folded flat?


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Jun 17, 2017
A random thread. Hoping that someone may have a 6 seat interior with console and can snap a photo. I'm trying to see if a small camping bed can be built to be on level with the console so feet to pass through the middle seats without being awkward.
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Though what I said is correct, that space wouldn’t actually help with the legroom when you fold the 3rd row seats down.
But here’s a good video that shows the center console on a pedestal. Hope it’s of some help.
Do you still need pictures? I have that configuration. Love, love, love the center console. BUT- I really only transport 2-3 people max. I figured my seven year old could ride in the very back with her friends.

I’ve sat in the third row briefly. I doubt I could ride next to another adult back there. It’s claustrophobic inducing, and despit the well-designed concave back of the center pedestal in the second row, my legs get spread out wide due to lack of room. However, there is room to slide my feet between the console and the second row seat- but it is tight. Very tight. I am over 6’ though.

When the third row is down there is TONS of room back there.