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Any nose-cone'ers tried XENARC NIGHT BREAKER LASER headlight bulbs?

I have seen a few videos stating these are quite a bit brighter than the standard Xenon HID's (pre LED headlights). They are not 'laser' like the product says but they do throw quite a bit more light than the stock ones based on the youtube vidoes I have seen. They seem quite expensive for bulbs. Wanted to see if anyone has any experience with them.

well.. after starting this thread I was ready to jump on the Lasers.. Now I see Osram has an 'unlimited' version with higher numbers than the laser next gen but wasn't rated the best?? wtf?? And there is also a laser Xenarc which isn't in any of those charts which some youtube videos say are the brightest anywhere. Too bad the Laser Xenarc's are $259 cdn for the pair (ouch).
I’ve posted before about my experience with the Morimoto XB bulbs. They are solidly built and are “fine” in general, but ended up having intermittent issues because I think our cars are just VERY finicky with the voltage range needed before having the ballast turn off. What happened with me was I think the plastic base of the Morimotos doesn’t provide enough heat dissipation so one bulb would intermittently go out. If you turn the lights off then on again, the bulb would fire up again, ie the bulb was fine. This would sporadically happen with either side, but never at the same time.
It got too annoying to deal with so I swapped the stock bulbs back in and have had zero issues.
So for this thread, I think you do get what you pay for. Granted, $200 includes the name brand tax, but you are getting better quality components/materials, esp if the bases are metal.
So I’d def be interested in hearing about the longevity of the GTs and whether there are any intermittent bulb-out issues.