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Any NYC/ConEd customers?

I was just on the ConEd website and of course the options are confusing. I'm a residential customer that would like to install a charger, but how they do the install can be critical to how much you pay for the electric. They offer time-of-use options, but that would impact the rate I pay for all of my usage during the peak hours. That doesn't sound like a great plan since it would increase the cost of everything else. There is also a second meter option that would incur a fixed cost each month plus usage that only applied to the charger. The midnight to 8am rate is 1.68/kWh, which is really cheap. But the peak rate is 24/kwh, which is expensive. The second meter option is a higher upfront cost too.

It is all really confusing, but I wonder if it is worth worrying about for the amount of power I'm using. If I drained the battery every day commuting I could see wanting a very low rate, but if I'm only using it for errands during the week maybe I don't need to worry about charging costs? I just don't know. I've never driven regularly to commute as most NYers just don't drive to Manhattan.

Any advice?
Zacster, prior to installing solar I had the following setup MX100D + M3 LR using ToU billing + NYSERDA/SmartCharge. I scheduled charging to only start at 12:05am and finish by 7:55am. My end result was that my all-in ConEd bill did not go up from where it was when I had gas cars which I felt was pretty impressive. I did have to make some other lifestyle adjustments in order to achieve this like scheduling dishwasher & laundry runs overnight and being very judicious with HVAC during the super peak 2-6pm window, which was fine at the time as both wife and I were working not at home.