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Any photos of Base Model 3s?

Not sure if there's been any leaks or previews of the "base" version (aka $35,000) Model 3 but I'm curious if anyone has anything worth sharing. I'll be curious to see how the Model 3 looks without the full glass roof and textile seats.
Do we know if they have even *made* one? This was like the white seats (which we have finally seen), and the Performance version (finally showed at the track). Can't be any photos if they don't exist. If all cars are Premium and LR, hard to see a 'base' model!

As you say, it would be something to examine, as the 'plain car' has never been compared to the 'PUP' version. And it may not exist until next year, at this rate, since it seems like they want to sell the loaded ones for a while.

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