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Any pics of 19" stock wheels with spacers?

10/15 blox spacers. Pretty flush


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I missed these replies, thank you. Not sure if notifications work.

I purchased 15mm front and 20mm rear Blox from Ebay (user bloxsports, not bloxsport). Arrived in a week perfectly packaged. The 15mm came with 2 nuts and I used the larger nut to attach the spacer to the hub and the stock nuts to attach the wheel to the spacer. The 20mm came only with 1 larger nut. I torqued to 120ft-lbs for all nuts.

Unfortunately my Craftsman jack was too tall to fit with the lifting hockey pucks I purchased from Amazon, so I also bought a Harbor Freight low profile 3-ton Daytona jack for $140. I figured I didn't want to have to drive the car up onto a set of textbooks each time I needed to lift up the car so the new jack would be a nice addition to our garage. All in it was $195 for spacers, $30 for 4 pucks, and $140 for the jack.

Apologizes for the craptastic photos - more later perhaps in daylight.

Hub Centric Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 5x114.3 5x4.5" (2x 15mm +2x 20mm) | eBay
3 ton Low Profile Steel Professional Floor Jack with Rapid Pump® - Orange

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i was Beaver UT SC a few weeks ago and talked to a lady who moved from a S P100D ludicrous to a 3 LR AWD with black painted 19" sports and spacers on them. With my LR RWD 9" sports in factory trim next to her, it wasn't very noticeable unless you knew what you were looking for.. it did bring the wheel flush to the edge of the fender. Feels that it was something Tesla should have done but left them recessed for aerodynamics.

I asked her about and rub and she said no.