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Any real world tire wear people after UP Mild Spring for a while?

I am pretty determined I need to lower my car ('21 M3P, Grey) because they seem to look so much better having the wheels fit the wheel wells. I'm not at all looking to track this, I just want to make my daily driver look good and continue to be relatively maintenance free. For background, I've lowered a few Audi's I've had and am very familiar with the process, alignments, tire wear, etc... What I'm guessing is a product of the Model 3 not being that old is I can't find exact figured on what camber is front and back after UP Mild Springs are installed.

I've looked at some aftermarket options for adjustable control arms and I'm not seeing any that fit my lifestyle. There are some with non-sealed spherical bearings (won't work with MN winters/salt), and some that have questionable modular construction (don't want to see that bolted joint loose clamp load).
Moog made some very OEM+ style adj control arms for Audi's that were affordable, sturdy, and built to last >100k miles.
Link to an example: Adjustable Front Upper Control Arm Kit
If there was a kit like that, I'd happily buy it right away.

Anyways, what I would really love is 1) before and after camber with included fender height, 2) inner tire wear due to negative camber f/r with tire width/offset/mileage, 3) any info on front/rear camber per vertical displacement. This is likely pretty progressive, so a couple different readings could tell a big story.

My experience is: minimal toe, and <2deg negative camber and you don't see much tire wear. >2deg and it comes on fast.

Thanks in advance!