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Any reports of power limiting or over heating the Model 3?

So far it seems like the Model 3 platform is impervious to over heating when compared to the Model S/X.
I suspect that it may largely be a non-issue except is extreme circumstances like track use.

The 3 doesn't have an induction motor as in the S, so the rotor isn't going to generate heat in the same way that's difficult to extract.
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I can say that if you go too fast you can start getting limited on regen or acceleration. On a (notably wide open) highway I managed to get about 2 dots of regen and acceleration limited since I just kept accelerating and using regen braking pretty aggressively on some rather hilly terrain. Didn't really feel the limitation though, since I wasn't actually flooring it the whole time.

Key things that may have contributed to this:
  • It was over 100 deg F outside and sunny
  • RWD, black colored car
Unless you're on the autobahn I doubt you would notice this significantly.