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Any Tesla Forum Bros Here? - Checking in Update

Yo, any bros here from the once in a lifetime, limited opportunity Tesla forums? Things sure have unfolded since then, great convos and all but this place is just not the same.

2018 Model 3 - 36k Miles

I've had my model 3 for just shy of 2 years now currently at 61.5k miles, and boy oh boy. If you've ever imagined what it was like to be the person who had the "WOW" item that everyone gushes over, thats what it was like for the first 9 months. 2020 was pretty early in the game so they were still pretty rare to see on a regular basis. I bet its what people feel when they get the latest iPhone on the day of release and show their friends?? 🤪 That was the first time i've ever had anything that attracted attention to me so much and i can honestly say im glad it was short lived. Not really looking forward to doing all of that again with the Cybertruck but too bad i guess. Given rides to friends, family and coworkers. Pretty sweet. People have no idea what they are in for at first, the instant torque has to be felt to understand. moving on..

Drive Train

Clear & Easy 10/10. Regen 1 pedal driving is unmatched. Im glad they made the brake lights come on sooner and stay on if you ease up pressure. There were times when people did not expect i was braking. Acceleration is more than enough at the LR 4.2s. Tires are holding out despite all the foot stomping but on the last season.

Ride Quality

This is probably the most disappointing part of the car coming in like 4/10. Seats are nice, interior is nice, but when you get moving you hear every single last possible thing going on outside the car. Insulation is non-existent, and im here to confirm all the complaints back on the early days of Model 3 on forums, and let it be heard,
Road Noise Is Loud As ****. The wind is ridiculous and the tires are more. Extremely hard over each and every single bump or hole, which i know is to be expected with a sporty car with very low profile tires. Still tho, all of this caught me off guard and i am thoroughly disappointed with the ride quality.


I am sure at this point we are all spent on the so called "Holiday Update", what a piece of junk. Mine did not have PWS so the most significant part of it was not given to me. V11 is pretty ok, except for the part when they removed the seat heater icons from the bottom bar, and then proceeded to add them back. Plz fire these idiots ty. I still have the same problem with my computer where it loses frames constantly, had it checked by mobile service way back in november 2020 but no luck. The guy noticed what i was talking about tho. Processor is slow now like a 4 year old phone where the software updates just progressively slow the phone down. Not going to be a pleasant future for used Teslas if the software engineers get lazy like microsoft. in no avail...


The clear winner and most desirable to me. Tesla left me hanging with basically abandoning Summon in its entirety.... But the AP on highways has not let me down. Best tool NA gg no re. Got the FSD Beta last year in November when it was first available. When the safety score opened up i must have lost 2 years off my life in stress trying to keep that thing at 100. I found a work around that im sure most of you are aware of, i unsubscribed then re-subscribed to the queue and did a 100 mile highway AP drive and received the beta the next night. Dumbest *sugar* i've ever experienced. Dont even get me started on safety score quite frankly ill be here all day. But it was done and overwith and i have to say that it has come a long way since then. I still dont really use it because its just an uncomfortable ride still. Perhaps 10.13 will be as good as Elon says???


#2 disappointment for me. About 25k miles later i've watched my range drop from 299 miles. I had been lead to believe by all the avid Tesla supporters that battery degradation was a non-issue in its entirety. Well, i'll be the first (first?) to tell you that all of you and myself were WRONG. 310 miles of range only goes so far during winter weather with the resistive heater Model 3. Im currently at 280 miles range, and before all you zealots attack me with the EsTiMaTeD rAnGe argument that i was a part of myself, i literally scheduled a service appointment to check battery health and got a call from Tesla the next day, and i kid you not, he said that what the car says is correct and its "Within Spec". So im basically at 10% degradation, which add cold weather into that, and i literally have to supercharge on the way to travel 130 miles to the next city. Not fun, and the last time i ever buy an EV with less than 400 miles range.


As mentioned above, the only time that i ever have frustrating or inconvenienced charging experiences is cold weather traveling. I have had effectively zero issues finding a charger, having enough charge, etc... since i've owned it. Got a dryer plug extension cord off Amazon 2 weeks ago for charging at family house, so i can be plugged in 9 hours instead of 40 hours on the 120V. Worth every penny. On top of that, with gas prices the way they are today i have free charging at work which is practically criminal. But hey, i just drive the damn car. ;)

Aside from all of that, i am excited to watch the entire auto industry implode into the black hole that hopefully doesnt get another $50B bailout. We all know they are all done for. In any event, i hope y'all have found yourselves some fun. Conversations are not as exciting as they used to be.
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Nov 28, 2018
Riverside Co. CA
Most i can recall was like 6% after 100k miles or something. Least i can say it was shell shock

Perhaps you are crossing model S / X reports (which are something like that) with model 3 / Y. Model 3 and Y have different batteries than S / X (at least the ones with those reported degradation.

What @one2many says is pretty much what people have experienced with model 3s. For more than that I will point back to (and direct discussion back to) the master stickied thread here on that topic as I believe very (very) strongly that for that particular topic, if not contained it simply will overrun any and all other discussion.
I am a refugee from that dumpster fire at forums.tesla.com. Oh. My. God. There are some real asshats playing in that sandbox. I came here in late '20 after enduring that s**t for several months. TMC is exactly what I was looking for; no politics, no personal attacks, no groupies, just good tribal knowledge of my really cool machine.

Nice job moderators!


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