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Any third party, LED rear tail lights for the Model S instead of the crappy, 2000s looking ones we have?


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Aug 23, 2021
Hey guys, just got my plaid down here in FL about a month ago. Love the car, but the thing that irks me is I dont understand how the model 3/y can have refreshed, modern looking tail lights while we are still stuck with something of decade's past.

Anyone know if a third party, custom LED lights for our rear? It'd look so sick, but I can't find any. Beginning to think they dont exist.


Jan 23, 2015
Raleigh, NC
The only aftermarket solution I’ve seen is from Hautopart, which has something for the Model 3 and Y. I suspect they will come out with a similar set for the Model S.



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Jun 30, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
The biggest secret Tesla hasn't told anyone is how little effort they put into the Model S "refresh" exterior. Even the headlights are the terrible ones from 2016 that failed IIHS tests and were rated POOR. Same tail lights from 9 years ago. Model X has newer and better light function. I don't understand people who pay $130,000 for a damn car and then have to swap out their 10 year old head/tail light designs.

Is 0-60 that important that you would pay Tesla $130,000 for a dated, 10 year old design with only half a steering wheel that makes cornering and driving switchbacks dangerous (see Edmund's review)? Musk really does see his customers as sheep ripe for milking. #nevertesla


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Aug 23, 2021
Noticed the Model X even have the newer light designs, and they're not the refreshed models. What a rip off honestly. Its not that hard to update the current gen headlights/rear tail lights. They're suppose to be the luxury standard compared to the model 3/Y line, yet the model 3/y have better tail lights, and so i've heard, head lights.

You cannot stop it can you?
It’s getting pathological with you.
The Plaid is a 95% NEW CAR.
Everything, read EVERYTHING for the realtors, is changed except the front doors and tail lights. Even the hood is new.
I agree that the taillights are a missed opportunity but your constant frustrations are annoying.
what are you raging about? this is my first post in this forum lmao. 95%, i'd disagree. it is a 140k+ car, to leave you with stuff that the lower models have better is just shoddy business practice. I love the car, don't get me wrong. I wont return it. But it doesn't mean I have to agree with everything it has. Neither shill nor hater, just an observer.
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Dec 29, 2018
Danville, CA
Disagree. And propose an update:

Front lights: look cool, perform well.
Back lights: Looked great years ago, still look cool.

To each their own.

- Rating: poor
- The Model S lights have not been updated since this was published.

- Rating: good

In other words, the cheapest car Tesla sells comes with better lights than the just-refreshed, 2-3x expensive flagship sedan.

It doesn't take much in the way of opinions to draw conclusions from this.

When you factor in the subjective tests of people like Bjorn Nyland, who does a lot of headlight reviews, you realize this isn't just one agency or one person's view.

If you love the MS's front light performance, more power to you. I don't.
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