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Any tips how to get discounts on a new Model X?

^ What @GWord said.

To get a discount at all, you'll have to look at inventory cars. If you aren't using a third-party inventory search like ev-cpo.com or teslainventory.com you may find more inventory cars than the Tesla website is showing you. Also, if you talk to a Tesla sales person, he or she will have access to inventory cars that aren't on any website.
Talk to a sales rep, tell them what you want for specs/options and ask them to watch the inventory and call you if anything comes up that may peek your interest. Best option for sure. And if you’d like a referral code I’d be much obliged (haven’t got to use one yet)
Talk to an Owner Advisor. They can keep an eye out for you to get an inventory car when one comes up matching your spec.

The big discounts are only when they change the price book, for the most part. There were big discounts on the X when the PUP was changed to all inclusive last July, for instance. If you were missing one of the options on an inventory car there was a pretty good discount. There was also a hefty discount on the 90D at the end of life, so if a bigger battery gets announced you can take advantage of that time to get a good discount.