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Any USB Hubs available for new console?

Hi, Just got my MYLR last week and assumed incorrectly that the Taptes hub would work with the new console. It's completely different and does not work! Anyone aware of hub that will work with the new console? Vendors sites do not show one that will nor do they warn their existing hubs wont work/fit.
If you just got your Model Y last week, then I'm assuming you might have gotten the newer center console. If that's the case, then companies like Taptes or Jeda hasn't yet released USB hub box that would plug into the dual USB-C ports that's on the rear wall of the middle center console area (where as it's always been towards the front, underneath the phone charger). I'm sure something will come out in the next few months or by this summer.

I have a USB-C hub with multiple USB-A 3.0 ports on it. It's not as clean as an enclosed box, but I'll see if it works on my Model Y with updated center console when I take delivery of it this weekend. At least it'll be covered by the center console tray if I decide to keep it in there.

This is what I have, which I used on my laptop for the past few months.

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