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Any way to disable brakes lights from activating when letting off accelerator?

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You can hold the parking button down to use it as an emergency brake. I'm not sure if that activates the brake lights or not. You have no way to modulate the braking, so you may be attracting unwanted attention by using them also. Light regen so that the lights don't trigger is probably the best bet.
I can attest it is not due to brake lights. If they are moving, they know your speed relative to their speed. They also are trained to judge speed visually. It is easy to see a vehicle that decelerates relative to the environment and other traffic.
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Most times I see them before they see me and the brake lights illuminate hence directing them my way
Assuming you’re continuing to be serious here, sounds like you’re doing well over the speed limit so if you see the LEOs before they see you, you’re going to be stomping on the brake pedal anyway. Regen deceleration isn’t going to be enough to save you from that rather quick shot of the radar gun. It doesn’t search out brake lights. It returns a value of a quickly moving object. Illuminated brake lights may just get you a higher fine, that I get.
LEO: “Subject car was caught on radar at 90mph... WITH full brake lights on so we estimate they were well over 100mph.”