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Anybody else get invite in Brevard County Florida

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Still waitign my invite :( I've seen maybe 3 3's here at KSC. I know a midnight one parks out at the SpaceX building at the launch pad. I have also seen one at the SpaceX building just outside the AFS gate at the port. Had a white one pass me as I was walking by the PCC last week.

Getting ceramic coating. Bought the clear 3M for center console and going to ask tint place to put it on. Worse part is going to get car and then have to drop off within the first few days for coating for probably 2 days then another day for tint.
Do you know who you’ll be using? I looked into Details Matter but they’re so expensive. The guy that details our cars at work just got certified but I would literally be his second car and that makes me nervous. I’ll proba do Art’s tinting for the windows.
Not yet. Was going to look around Orlando or perhaps down south towards the Boca/Lauderdale area. I'll decide before i setup where to do delivery and I know its gonna cost a fortune :( Will want a shop that can do coat and tint. A buddy in the metro Orlando area did ceramic and did and had a guy that traveled over from Tampa. Looks very nice - can't see any edges at all.
$169 for regular $229 for ceramic. They’re about a week behind but I guess that doesn’t matter for me right now since my VIN disappeared last night! Received my please pay in full payment for the car email on the 12th, did it right away and now 6 days later no VIN anymore. :mad:

There was one charging at West Melbourne but of course not mine, still waiting.