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Anybody successfully transferred M3 reservation to a family member?

I am an existing owner and already received my invitation, but I decided to wait for AWD.
My daughter ordered a week after the launch, non owner, no invite yet.
I am in Montreal, she is a Canadian diplomat in Paris, but her tour ends this summer and will be returning to Ottawa.
It will be ideal for her to use my reservation, she does not want AWD, needs a car in June, and if she orders now would most probably get the Ontario subvention, otherwise she will have to buy a different car.
How would I go around ordering now in her name, or would living at different addresses (provinces actually) make it impossible?
I ordered as a surprise gift for my mother. I put the car in my father’s name so it would be under his insurance.

Not an issue at all.

Place the order and then just put your daughter’s name and address in when asked for owner details.

Since I paid for the car at delivery, I needed to be there. All documentation was in my father’s name and he signed everything except my check

I was completely upfront with the Owners Assistant and Delivery Specialist. They were great. They reprinted the Congratulations sign which had my father’s name so we could present it with my mother’s name.

My family and I flew down to Florida and we took delivery and then drove it home to surprise my mother. Awesome experience and she Loves, Loves, Loves the car.
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