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Anyone else have this occur? eMMC related?

Car has had the "Center Display storage Device degraded - Ok to drive." Scheduled appt to get eMMC issue addressed. 1st appt. cancelled as daughterboard had not arrived for appt. 2nd appt. is scheduled next week and hopefully the board comes in.

Ok to drive - it says. Let's take a ride.

Driving to the store and stop at a stop light. Green light now. Press accelerator - nothing. Look down and notice that car is in Park. Place in Drive - or so I thought. Car will not go into Drive. Shift lever physically works but not switching to Drive or any other gear except Park. Hazard lights are turned on. Center screen is dark. Try reboot, main screen doesn't come on. Car is still stuck in Park. Car's are streaming past at 50+ mph. At least 4 rear ends almost occur. Try more reboots and cannot get the screen to come back on. Try to reboot the dash screen and its not responding. Tried several times and finally the center screen comes up but still cannot get into Drive. Call Tesla support. Try a Power Off per their suggestion. I asked if Hazards will stop working if I do so. He doesn't know. I do the deed and wait two minutes (per their instructions) before awakening car via depressing the brake pedal; all the while checking for cars behind me so I can brace myself if needed. When it reboots the car now says CAR OFF. Nothing works and I have them send a truck. 55 minutes before they arrive. Right before I receive the tow truck ETA via text I miraculously get the car into Drive doing nothing more than using the shift lever. Drive home and park car and now have a figurative brick sitting in front of my home.

Some items noted during my 30 minute ordeal.
  • The hazard lights appear to work during a Power Off and reboots even if screen is blank. I couldn't tell for sure as the ticking sound is muted when screen reboots but when it got dark (it was dusk when this happened) I could see the flasher reflections.
  • On one of the many reboots, an error popped up - "Unable to Charge - Remove Charge Cable". I tried to use the key fob and the screen on reboot to open/close charger port door thinking that somehow this error message was directly related to the cars inability to move. Didn't work.
  • Found that 1 in maybe 3 reboot attempts finally work. When it did reboot, it took a long time with the screen to reboot and the Tesla T on the screen to transition to the normal screen, or just didn't turn on at all; hence my thought that this was all related to the eMMC issue.
  • You cannot push the car to the side of the road like an ICE car as there is no way to get it into neutral.
  • Some people do not understand that its a good idea to pay attention to hazard lights.
  • There are some nice people in the world. Some stopped and asked if I needed help. Nothing they could do but I appreciated the thought.
  • If you're getting the "Center Display storage Device degraded - Ok to drive" message, my suggestion is don't drive it.
I recall seeing posts re: cars that have had mid-drive issues in the past but now I cannot find. I'm trying to understand what the causes were in these instances.

Anyone have a similar issue occur to them?
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