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Anyone else in the T.Dot going ludicrous?

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I'm looking for a Ludicrous reason to justify 2.8. Not there yet ...
Lessee ,much greater service life and much higher precision than the old primitive connector and fuse. The inconel will have less resistance than the old cheapo stainless so the battery drain will be lower. we might not be able to measure that but it's maybe true, even.
Tesla's customers base has obviously transformed from people who appreciated the concept (green environment, clean energy, ..etc) to people who want the speed :). It's really smart of Tesla to combine both to increase their market share anyway.
I am guessing that they are doing it for the 2.8s rather than the extra 5kwh of battery capacity.

I don't think so. They're offering Ludicrous upgrades for P85D. Elon said the power and capacity upgrades were almost completely independent.

They're just packaging them together to optimize gross margins. If someone's gonna pop for Ludicrous mode they're good candidates for fully optioning out their car. This is just something to encourage them.