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Anyone else jump ship to Model S?

Discussion in 'Model X: Ordering, Production, Delivery' started by LAN1017, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. LAN1017

    LAN1017 Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    Houston, Texas
    Yesterday I made the decision to make the switch to the Model S. I had reserved a black Model X 75d, 6 seater, in October, 2015 and confirmed in January. About 2 months ago, I visited Tesla dealership for a Model X Q&A session and saw a red Model S. I loved it! After reading several threads about the gull wing doors and being concerned about the battery capacity, and really liking the body of the Model S, I decided to make the switch to Model S 90d. Yes, I have 3 boys but they fit great in the backseat. But usually it is just the 4 of us in my car and if it's the 5 of us then we take my husband's SUV.

    So for a little more money, I had them switch my order to the red Model S and am so excited! Expecting a June delivery. :)
  2. aesculus

    aesculus Still Trying to Figure This All Out

    May 31, 2015
    Northern California
    Good decision if the Model S meets your requirements.

    I did the same thing back in December and test fitted both a Model S with the Next Gen seats and AS, and came away realizing the Model X was much better suited for me. And I really tried to get the Model S because I think it is a much nicer looking car. But in the end of the day ingress/egress, seating comfort and visibility trumped all the great things the Model S had over the Model X for me.
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  3. Merrill

    Merrill Active Member

    Jan 23, 2013
    Sonoma, California
    Great color choice you will love the Model S. I'm somewhat greedy so I want both.
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  4. MichealW

    MichealW Member

    Sep 3, 2015
    Los Angeles, CA
    I had an S for 3 years but X is a way better car for me. Issues here and there but I am confident they will resolve them and I love being up high and all the fun extras they put on this car. Both cars are so great though... Can't go wrong period ;)
  5. Macgaver

    Macgaver Member

    Dec 6, 2014
    Montreal, Canada
    Have been waiting more than 2 years for the X. Jumping to S have been really close when they released the D model... But at the moment, so close from real delivery, I am in love with the X so much, nothing can compare to my eyes
  6. ptsagcy

    ptsagcy Member

    Nov 4, 2013
    Hell NO. I absolutely love my X and never considered switching. They are both great looking cars and everyone has their own criteria. For some the S is superior, for others, like me, X it is a far better choice because of the seating comfort, ease of entry and exit and back seat room.
  7. SoccerMan94043

    Apr 14, 2016
    San Jose
    Not a switch since I haven't ordered yet but I've been on the fence for three weeks and can't seem to make a decision since I really want the items from the pro list below (I seem to flip flop every other day and I have test driven both):

    Pro X vs S:

    1) Ventilated and more comfortable seats
    2) Ride height / Ingress/ Egress (I like to sit high in every car I drive)
    3) Uniqueness

    Con X vs S:

    1) FWD
    2) Quality (first model year and all)
    3) Size (I don't need to carry 6 or 7 people)
    4) Cost (20K difference for the setups I've selected in order to realistically receive the car during or before July)
  8. WilliamZ

    WilliamZ Member

    Mar 30, 2016
    San Clemente, CA
    The rear 2 seats in S are not that great. Very easy to get sun burn. Not enough air condition. If you have 3 kids, X is by far the best of the two. Fit 5 people, and you still end up with a lot of space.
  9. WilliamZ

    WilliamZ Member

    Mar 30, 2016
    San Clemente, CA
    FYI, I know quite a few that jumped from S to X.
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  10. NoVIN4Me

    NoVIN4Me Member

    Jan 19, 2016
    United States
    I picked up my X (P90D) 2 weeks ago. I have also never driven a Model S before, until today when I got a 70D loaner. IMHO the X is far superior. Don't get me wrong, the S70D is an awesome car by itself, but it (or any other cars in the market) really cannot compare to the X. (And I am not comparing the battery/motor)

    While the S shares many common parts with the X, the X feels a lot more polished due to its fully automatic doors, panoramic windshields, and automatic 2nd seats. Maybe the X has spoiled me too much LOL. The FWD also gives great access to the back (if you need it).

    Overall, if you need a sports car that handles well, get the S (until the 3 comes out anyway). If you need a sports car that handles well plus great utility, get the X!
  11. ModelXBoy

    ModelXBoy No More Door Captain of TMC! Oh Yeah Baby!

    Jan 3, 2016
    Orange County, CA
    Personal perspective X is far more superior than S in so many ways in term of technology, cool features, and versatility. I will list some pro and cons of each below:

    Model X Pro:
    1. FWD (for convenience, for cool, for hippie, for showing off, for fun)
    2. Auto presenting front door (for convenience, for cool, for hippie, for showing off, for fun)
    3. Roomier than S
    4. Fit more people than S
    5. Better visibility than S with full glass windshield
    6. Newer model than S, less people driving it, more attention

    Model X Con:
    1. Early reliability is subpar
    2. Second row of seats do not fold
    3. Range is relatively lower
    4. Too many complicated motors, latches, electrical parts, more prone to fail

    Model S Pro:
    1. Less expensive
    2. Better build quality
    3. More range
    4. Just got a facelift
    5. Faster than X 0-60

    Model S Con:
    1. Too low (for me)
    2. Not as good looking as the X ( for me)
    3. Press charger handle to open charging port could be a problem when someone else press the handle, all nearby S charging ports open

    I personally will not purchase a Tesla at all if not for the invention of Model X. But it's just me personally. I admit Model S is awesome car, it's by far the best luxury high end sedan on the market. Nothing comes close. But I just hate sedans, so Model S is not a good choice for me. Model X wins me over in this battle.

    Bottom line, both cars are awesome, futuristic, fun to drive, and green. Go with what you really need and be happy with your decision.

    Again, congratulations to your Model S purchase!

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