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Anyone else on pins and needles today?? I'm like a kid Christmas eve who can't wait

I'm sitting in the same chair as I was 865 days ago on a quiet Friday night when I decided "now" was a good time. Driving home today it struck me ... IT'S TODAY TODAY IS THE DAY :biggrin:. Maybe I'll just go ALL CAPs for a while

A bit over 2 hours to go. I have my snacks and stuff ready in case it starts late (probably) and I get hungry.

I'm ready.

I have really, REALLY Got to clear out my side of the garage:crying:
weve been redoing about half of our house ourselves for a while now. Detritus is the operative word. My cars stay out. That's gonna change:biggrin:
So, does anyone expect Elon to start on time tonight?

In one of the threads awhile ago (I think it was in the Investor's sub-forum), someone compared Elon Musk to Axl Rose (lead singer of the infamous 80's rock band Guns 'n Roses) with regards to Model X. Axl Rose announced the 'Chinese Democracy' album in 1999, but didn't ship it until 2008.


In this context, Elon's slightly less than 2-year delay on Model X seems as timely as a Swiss Watch.

Anyways, Axl Rose had a reputation for showing up late to his concerts. Sometimes he didn't show up at all, which resulted in riots, fires, and general destruction from outraged fans. Some of my friends were witnesses and/or participants in these events.

I'm thinking Elon will be anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes late.