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Anyone else's mobile app failing to connect to the car?

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I have had difficulty over the last 2 days with the mobile app connecting to the car. It just spins and spins without connecting. This is regardless of whether the car is on LTE or my home wifi, ditto the phone. Car has all of the connectivity settings set to always be connected. Phone is a Galaxy S8 on Pie running the most recent Android app. Anyone else experiencing this? If not, any ideas for me to try? Thank you in advance.
Same here, I deleted the app (iOS) and after reinstalling it is working.

I've noticed mobile connectivity issues from time to time. About 2 weeks ago, the app (iOS) didn't even seem to make an attempt to connect to the car; I found success in deleting and reinstalling the app.

Another issue I've noticed is that 50% of the time a software update occurs on the car, the default setting for "mobile access" goes back to off. I have to remember to check the MCU settings. Still, even when nothing else has changed (at least to my knowledge), the app does have problems connecting. I figure there's a server issue.
Had the same issue about a month ago. Had tried restarting phone multiple times and having the car forget wifi network, use work's network, phone hotspot. Nothing seemed to help so I set up a mobile service with Tesla. Two days before the appointment decided to sign out on the app and back in again and it connected and haven't had issues since.
I have a 2013 Model S. Every update for the last two years has pretty much been non existent for me. Haha. But will this version 10.0 have anything for me? I’m interested in this Spotify, but with the turtle processor that barely is fast enough to use basic GPS, would I be able to use Spotify?