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Anyone Experiencing Early Degradation

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Jul 9, 2015
Sherman Oaks, CA
Tesla’s 2170 batteries are new in Model 3.

A previous new-generation battery, with new anode chemistry in the S90D, experienced widespread early degradation.

Just wondering what people’s experiences several months in with the Model 3 have been?

FWIW, our 80% charge has stayed consistently between 247 and 249 miles, right at 80% of 310. (VIN 22xx, delivered 12/26, 3800 miles)
I am extremely impressed by Tesla new pack and really glad i didnt wait for the SR. I now have 13k miles on the car and 0% degradation. Thats a combination of regular home level 2 charging (90%) and road trip supercharging(10%).

The range is fairly accurate as well.

Waiting for this battery to get to a X as well as the refreshed interior then i'll get one of those as well.
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