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Anyone found cheap Charge cable - Industrial 32A 3 phase - adapter- type 2

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We have small summer home and there is old electrical socket and I get only 6-7km per hour rate of power from those. However there is old barn where is phase 3 socket. I have been searching for charge cable that I could use with this but these are 690-890€. Anyone found any cheaper ones from somewhere?


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Late reply, but no. Generally they cost around that amount.

The three phase cables I have been very happy to use is from Metron, and I like them because unlike Tesla and others, they have no box hanging in the middle of the cable. I am sure you can get other brands for about the same amount. They are never very cheap, unfortunately, but still a great tool and investment to have as an EV owner.

EV Portable Chargers – Metron Shop