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Anyone in Mill Creek/Everett area with HPWC?


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Sep 30, 2015
Seattle area, WA
I am trying to diagnose an issue with my old HPWC having problems charging a new Model S (it charges our older Model S just fine, with the new one it partially works but keeps throwing errors). Anyone in the Mill Creek/Everett, WA with HPWC I could plug in for few minutes to see if it works? Even better if the HPWC is the older model without the side dock.
I am not near there, I am in Issaquah. But you are welcome to try mine if you come this way. My HPWC is one of the old ones that worked great with our 2012 S for four years. Works fine with our 2015 S as well.

Interestingly though, it sometimes fails with our 2017 X. The failure, when it happens, is as soon as charging starts. The X seems fine on other chargers. These may well be different issues, but I wonder if newer cars have some charging firmware that doesn't play well with older HPWCs?
You're welcome to try mine. I got my HPWC back in May of 2015.

I'm within that general area.
Thanks! That would be very close to the HPWC we have (got it in Dec 2015). I am facing a little problem that in cold weather the car charging from HWPC seems to get much better. It seems related more to the car temperature rather than the charger temp (if car is left outside to cool off, it starts working for example). Let's see if it repro again Sunday, I'll PM you if it does and maybe I could check out if it also happens when connected to your HPWC.
Quick update, weather cooled off and the problem got harder to reproduce. Finally found a way but requires some charging to warm up the car's electronics before it happens. Car going to service tomorrow, hopefully they'll find what's causing it and fix it. Thanks to all who offered up to help out.